The Entrepreneur And Sexy Social Media Tease Is Living His Best Life

He may be a father, but this openly gay Chinese social media influencer is far from dad bod status. Edison Fan, the fit and fiery entrepreneur just celebrated his 40th birthday and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down… his eye-catching posts of posing in revealing thongs.

Fan, who is a father to his young son Frederick (via surrogacy), shared glimpses of his birthday celebration via Instagram. In the video post, captioned “Happy 40th Birthday to me [cake emoji]”, Fan can be seen celebrating his birthday with friends and the man that he is seen kissing all over his Instagram. Now, you make of that what you will.

Born in Nanjing, China — Fan moved to New Zealand at the age of 16. While growing up in Nanjing, Edison stated in an interview that the people there are conditioned into believing that homosexuality was abnormal. It wasn’t until he moved to New Zealand, where he was assured that what he was being fed was a complete lie. And someone that helped him through this realization? Ellen DeGeneres.

A lot of it had to do with Ellen DeGeneres. After my English got better, I would watch a few of her stand-ups and it actually made me realize that it was okay to be gay.”

-Edison Fan via

The influencer certainly has come a long way. Amassing over 780,000 followers on Instagram. He uses his platform to obviously promote his entrepreneurial endeavors, but he also is an LGBTQ+ advocate and has joined the Black Lives Matters movement. But he wants to let you know that he is no role model and certainly doesn’t have a hidden agenda. He simply was an attractive male that decided to take advantage of the opportunities that were being presented to him, via social media. But he does feel compelled to speak up on important things. But as he says, sometimes he just doesn’t have “anything inspirational to say.”

For some, using their platforms to fight causes and advocate for the voiceless comes naturally. And for others, they want to but they have a hard time navigating such terrains, that can come with a lot of backlash. It seems that Fan is simply doing the best he can.

So here’s a happy belated Birthday to Edison Fan. And take a look at some of the lusty pics that catapulted him to influencer status to begin with.

*All images sourced from Edison Fan’s Instagram account*

Source: Dear Straight People

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