The First Gay Dating Show in Years is Coming to Zeus Network

Bobby Lytes in his music video for “Drip”

Let’s learn who’s going to be headlining a new gay dating show soon to be on the Zeus Network, a subscription only, reality show fueled streaming network. Bobby, I Love You is the running title of the recently announced next “finding love show,” which will be in the same vein as The Bachelor.

The new edition to our scheduled viewing will follow internet personality Bobby Lytes in his quest to find true love, with Rolling Ray serving as the judge, jury, and executioner who will help weed out the men not suited for the suitor. 


Bobby Lytes is known for his tenure on Love & Hip Hop: Miami and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. He’s also the cousin of “Here We Go” and “B R Right” rapper Trina. Rolling Ray is also known for his stints on television, especially in regard to Catfish and Divorce Court. Both men are openly gay and have a huge social media following. 

Bobby, I Love You is sure to be full of ups and downs, good emotions and bad.  We see that in every single dating show, even if ChristianMingle has a dating show, we’re sure there would be drama. We’re looking forward to seeing if these men will keep their eyes on the prize and not get distracted too much or too drama-filled. Remember, they did have a huge falling-out online, which resulted in a bitter feud that came to a head in a two-part special of The Conversation – another Zeus Network reality show. But once there, they were able to put the past behind them, and slowly planted the seeds to form their new show. Let’s see if the mend is solid.


Bobby, I Love You is currently in production. 

This will be the first gay dating show in a long time. It’s important to recognize that the format isn’t completely dead and can be recognized by a major network. I’m sure this show is going to be campy, cringy, and far from actual reality, but I’m glad that two gay men can lead a cast and continue the conversation of why it’s so hard to find love from our perspective.

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