The Gays Get Some Plot in a Bridgerton Show Finally! Some Sex, Too?

Will we finally get to see some gay bums in a Bridgerton show? For the life of me, it’s been so long, did we see gay playing straight Jonathan Bailey’s bum? I think it was clad all the time. 

Well, we’re not just watching a Shonda Rhimes show just for the skin and the sex, are we? Meh, some of us are!

But now with Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, we may start watching for what we say we’re really watching porn for, the plot. Rhimes has has finally introduced into the the Bridgerton family of shows two gay characters that seem to have a lot more lines than any other LGBTQ characters in the past and they won’t be just “artists.”


So this gay plot and storyline will involve Brimsley, the Queen’s secretary (played by Sam Clemmett), and Reynolds, the King’s secretary (played by Freddie Dennis). Secretaries, not artists. Big leap Shonda. At least they’re not court jesters or some other form of comic relief “we” are usually thrown into playing. Miss Congeniality always come to mind.


Supposedly, the plot and story lines of these two secretaries will not be too far fetched from the aforementioned porn as part of their big gay plot twist is that they are known for sneaking out to have sex as often as they can.


We do wonder if Sam Clemmett will “act the part” to the fullest as we did see on his Instagram that he may act for our team, but he does not play for it. Congrats on the engagement last August.

Raiding Freddie Dennis’ social media, we see thst he does have a modeling background and, honestly, we love when someone’s Instagram is just not pics of themselves.  Bravo Freddie.



Let’s see how these boys do. Will there be some Victorian gay bums glistening on Queen Charlotte? Or will we just have some curtains fluffed in the corner as the help help each other out. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Well, we actually do not need to wait as Netflix has started streaming Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. And then, when Rhimes raise that gay bar to whichever level she has, will we see that bar continue into the third season of Bridgerton currently in production?

If you would like to know more about the actors and characters, see this clip below and for the series, we’ve also included the trailer. 

All images from @sam_clemmett and @freddiedennis

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  1. Considering there are no other gay characters in Bridgerton I sure hope this show will feature extra gay stuff <3


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