‘The Get Down’ Gives Us A Christina Aquilera Song & Jaden Smith Same-Sex Kiss. Were They Hits Or Misses?


Have you started "The Get Down?"  In a recent article on Mic.com titled 'The Get Down' is the Queer Hip-Hop History We've Been Waiting For, writer Jamilah King doesn't come out in say it but the imagery she paints of the show is that it is a gayer prequel to Empire. She talks about the history of hip hop and how the LGBTQ community was involved.

Over the course of its six debut episodes, soundtracked and executive produced by Nas, the show unearths the oft-overlooked contributions of some of hip-hop's early queer contributors. It makes a compelling case for the fact that without NYC's thriving LGBTQ late-'70s to early-'80s nightlife, all we know about hip-hop culture would be entirely different. – mic.com

Jamilah King's article is a great read and she includes some great video clips from the good ol' days. You'll need to choose if you want to read her entry before or after you start watching 'The Get Down'.

There are many current voices adding their talents to the sound of 'The Get Down' (see list below).  One making the rounds out there is Christina Aguilera's "Telepathy" shown below. Besides being a great song, the tune made its debut along side Jaden Smith's onscreen man-on-man / boy-on-boy kiss.  I'll let you watch and see for yourself what you think (NSFW-ish).




Ummmmm, what kiss?  I think if 'The Get Down' is going to involve more LGBT aspects and show Jaden's character experimenting, maybe we should see more man-on-man kissing of his character, less edited AF interaction, and less of the 15 breast groping and sucking activity.  I was excited when I read Jamilah King's description of the show, but after seeing the above clip, it may need to be renamed 'The Down Low.' I'm not asking for porn, but if you are trying to do a show documenting reality, let's show some reality.  Maybe there was more to see after than what was seen in this clip.

Of course this is me basing my entire opinion on one music video clip. I am sure there is a lot more to see.  Have any of you seen a whole episode?   What are your thoughts?



h/t:  mic.com

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  1. I saw it all it was off the

    I saw it all it was off the hook. Can't wait to see the rest in 2017 cause that's the planned release for part 2.


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