The Ghouls Are Back In Town; The Boulet Brothers Present Their “Dragula”-Season Three Monsters!

If the phenomenon that is RuPaul’s Drag Race was going to spawn some children of it’s own, consider The Boulet Brothers-Dragula as the child that ran away to join the circus. Since it’s inception three years ago, Dragula has morphed into a darkly glorious competition series for queens who truly feel that they are outside the realm of what some would consider “normal” drag.


For every fresh faced debutante like Alyssa Edwards, there is an Ursula Major, and for every comedy queen like Ginger Minj there is a James Majesty. The point is, The Boulet Brothers every year craft a group of queens who showcase the best of the best in terms of extreme innovation, wonderfully ominous presentation, and truly some of the most breathtaking costuming you will see. 

The winners have been equally as remarkably spectacular. Season One’s Vander Van Odd and Season Two’s Biqtch Puddin’ both presented their own individual perspectives, yet managed to carve out their own niche on the show; sometimes literally! 


This year’s presentation of The Boulet Brothers cast of “competi-characters” showcases some big names in the word of drag from all over the country.  New York City’s own Maddelynn Hatter and Chicago’s Evah Destruction are two of the bigger names on the cast, both of which being rumored for RuPaul’s Drag Race seasons consistently. This season’s cast presents queens dripping in ominous glamour like Austin’s Louisianna Purchase, as well as queens that are balls to the wall, truly their own type of queen, like North Carolina’s Priscilla Chambers. 

The Boulet Brothers-Dragula premieres August 2019. Past seasons can be seen on Amazon Prime. 

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