The GLAAD Award Recipient Speaks Up For The Transgender Community

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Pop icon Christina Aguilera confirmed what we gays have always known — homos know what to do in the bedroom. or bathhouse. or the backseat of a car. or in the Meat Rack on Fire Island. The Come On Over singer was awarded the Advocate for Change award this past week at the 34th Annual GLAAD Media Awards.

The well-deserved honor was presented to the Fighter singer by Club Q shooting survivor Michael Anderson. In her acceptance speech, the five-time Grammy award-winning performer spoke at length about her connections to the queer community. An ally for decades Aguilera even joked about how she sorta kinda learned how to do a certain job from her gay besties,


“Side by side we’ve learned and taught each other everything about life, from business to relationships to music, family, and partying. I don’t know who does it better. I mean, I’m just saying, we know how to get dirty, OK!”


Obviously, XTINA just referenced one of her smash hits, wink, wink. The Burlesque star also spoke about her childhood which was marred by abuse and violence, sadly something queer people can relate to, “Having grown up in a home with domestic violence, it was seeing my mom in a powerless position that first ignited the fire in me to speak up for all of the people whose voices don’t get heard. And it is not easy.” Out of that horror came what would become one of her signature songs and now an anthem for our community, Beautiful, “When you’ve been a victim of violence, abuse or trauma, it’s incredibly hard and scary to find your voice and fight back.”

Aguilera has tirelessly championed the queer community whether it’s raising millions of dollars for AIDS research or speaking out against harmful legislation like the Don’t Say Gay law. She stands in awe of our strength and fight explaining,

“While I’ve had years of incredible moments with this family, the community has endured decades of fighting and we will continue to do so. I’m constantly impressed by your examples of the courage it takes to fight for acceptance, respect and safety that every human being deserves, which happens to be the core message of the music and art I’ve created over the years.”





The Not Myself Tonight singer took time to speak directly to Anderson. In awe of his bravery and willingness to take a horrific tragedy and make something positive come out of it, “It takes incredible courage to live through violence and then decide ‘I’m going to do something to change it. That takes guts. We all need to raise our voices if we want to live in a world that’s free of discrimination, hate, and violence.”

If anyone knows about having guts it’s our beloved XTINA. She is one of us, she speaks for us and she fights for us. Her words empower us, “Looking out at this audience I see so many familiar faces and beautiful people and I’m so proud to be in this room with all of you.” We are proud to be in the same room as her. Thank you for standing up for us and speaking up for us as you did here,

“I grew up in this community as most of my lifelong best friends identify as LGBTQ. So much of who I am and what I do is because of each of you, and our shared experience of having to fight for equality and freedom in some capacity.”

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