The God Warrior Is Now An LBGTQ Ally

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Marguerite Perrin Was Viral Famous Before It Was Even A Thought And Now Her Return To Stardom Is Surprising Us All

Arguably before the internet surfaced television consumed most of our entertainment. Back in 2004 I was a thirteen-year-old gay boy obsessed with reality television and the subsequent shows it spun off. What Not To Wear, Survivor, Trading Spaces you name it – I watched it. One of the biggest reality television moments aired sometime in 2005 during Trading Spouses. The matriarch of a family (because for some reason the men never left their homes) would swap places with another on this series and at the end would determine how a family will spend a whopping fifty grand in cash, mostly focused on financial help and strengthening family bonds. It was easy watching that only would last three years, but everyone remembers one specific mother: Marguerite Perrin. Perrin is now internet famous for proclaiming she is a “God Warrior” and having a meltdown on camera and towards the FOX production crew. The moment has still lived on in entertainment infamy, even becoming a viral meme often passed around, but what ever happened to Perrin? Umm, you’ll never guess…

According to Pride, Perrin is now an active ally in the LGBTQ community. So much so, she attended New York City’s World Pride in June 2019. She discusses her relationship with the LGBTQ community in Esquire. After the tragic death of her daughter, who appeared alongside her years ago on Trading Spouses, passed in a car wreck, Perrin was comforted by the gay community who wouldn’t leave her alone, sending her kind notes, flowers, and condolences. Perrin told:

“I have to tell you, I was in my bedroom. I was not getting out of bed for the longest time. [The gay community] weren’t scared to talk about me losing [my daughter] and saying I’m sorry to hear about that. I was pretending like I was happy and I was okay. They would not leave me alone. You couldn’t help but talk to them and be okay with them. The people that write those little memes and do those little things, I love that. That’s what got me out of bed after [my daughter’s] death.”

Still devote to her faith, Perrin claims there is room for everyone at her Last Supper table, and ensures it would be a diverse guest list. She continued:

“When we go to vote, my husband thinks I’m supposed to vote like he does, straight ticket Republican. And I’m like, ‘I don’t do that! I vote for the person on the issue of what’s going on.’ I am not that.” That doesn’t change the fact that a bit of online fame, a tragic loss, and an open mind can shift your opinion a bit. “Who am I to say who’s going to go to hell and who’s going to go to heaven. If I was having my last supper, it’s going to be a variety of people sitting at my last table, okay?”

As you may be familiar, World Pride was this past summer, so I’m a little late to the game. However, I have reached out to Perrin via her Facebook page and am hoping she’ll take an interview so we can update you more on her great relationship with the LBGT community. Grand Marshall 2020, anyone? We’re with you, Marguerite!

While Perrin’s story is giving me super Tammy Faye Bakker vibes, a documentary on her life is yet to come. However, she is currently in talks with reality television producers to have her visit places that would put her into some uncomfortable cultural situations. Umm, count me in?! If you’d like to take a stroll down memory lane, although it may now seem like a lifetime ago and not the most flattering moment for Perrin, I’ve put her viral moment on Trading Spouses below:

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