The Harness; Is It For You?

Once worn only behind closed doors and in very specific clubs, the harness has become a staple in gay and LGBT fashion, with many of us wearing them on casual nights out, coffee, family events (okay, maybe we're not quite there yet). But what is it about these collection of straps that makes it such a mainstream fetish nowadays, and can anybody wear one?

The short answer is yes, you do you boo, wear what you like, you can pull off anything you want. It's an easily accessible fetish item, a gateway drug, if you will. Easy on the eyes, and easy to wear with just about anything, and its sure to turn a few heads, if that's your thing.

An article from DailyJocks suggests you should do the following:

Experiment With It: Try it out in the comfort of your own home first, with a few different ways of wearing it. If you want to go subtle, a harness under a slightly unbuttoned shirt is a good starting point.

Stay Comfortable: If its restricting in any way, that's no fun. Adjust until you're comfortable. Asphyxia is not sexy (Well…)

It's Not For Everyone: The harness, although becoming a lit more mainstream, is still seen as a fetish item for many people, so not everybody is going to 'get' it, and that's okay. If we were all the same, we wouldn't be so darn great, would we!

We do the difficult research of pictures so you don't have to. Its a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

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