The Horrors, Success, Hopes Of Shopping Online For Love. An App Romance. What Are The Odds?

Are you finding what you need on those dating/hook-up apps? I’ve stopped looking on all those apps for instant gratification and have been looking for dates. How has that been going?  Well, it doesn’t really depend on which site/app you are talking about, for all of them seem to be strike outs.

But apparently I am not the majority since there are people out there that feel they can find love through an app.  I’m most likely in the N0 – 25% shown in the image below. Where do you fit?

Grindr users have the highest hopes for online love with 56.5% of Grindr users believing love can be found. PlanetRomeo users are the most skeptical with 16.7% answering ‘no, love cannot be found on online dating apps’.

Now my list of apps is varied.  I do have the Grindr, GROWLr, Scruff, DaddyHunt, Chappy, Tinder, Surge, Recon, Adam4Adam, OkCupid, POF, BiggerCity, Jack’d, bearwww, and maybe a couple more. Some I have not fired up in months and others over a year, but they are there.  Some are more specific than others as to what you are looking for, but I have not dabbed in any of the following niche apps.


These niche or shared interest apps help us to believe that we will find someone that may like the same things as we do, getting rid of many of the dead ends before they present themselves. Hope is alive!

Going back up to my list of apps.  Yes, I heard your eyes rolling into the back of your head as to how many I have.  Currently on my phone, I have over 250 apps, and that’s just after a slight purge, down from 320.


But how many apps do we need to find love?  Do you fire one, two, or three up at a time?  Or is one your go-to-app for finding what you need?  It seems like you may need to have a handful (5 to 6) apps to find the one.

No matter how many apps you have, we’re sure your experiences have varied from great to get me out of here. Yes, I can recall some dates where it was a dash to the door.  I won’t go into detail about those for I am sure you have some stories that could rival mine, but those horror stories are always int he back of your mind when you agree to the next date with a complete stranger.


Which app users had the most horror stories?  Which ones had the best success?

  • 25% of PlanetRomeo users have received unsolicited pictures while using the app
  • 25% of Her users admit to running away from their dates
  • 24% of Grindr users have been stood up


But there are many of us out there that swear they do not use apps and proud of it (like those annoying people that think we’ll give them respect or a cookie when they exclaim they don’t watch and have never watched GoT).

But those of us that use the apps, what are our biggest complaints?

My biggest issue is the spamming.  I don’t need women saying hello to me, thanks Plenty of Fish.   Now this should not be happening if the supposed real women set up their profiles correctly, but of course they end up being bots and just annoying the piss out of me. I try to block and report and it just makes me turn away from that one site.  Recently, when I have tried to report a bot on Grindr, it locks my app and I have to shut it down and restart.  Just trying to help and I get penalized.  What has to be the worst is getting the message “have you ever dated someone in the military?”  Yep, the poor guy is stationed overseas, is lonely, and looking for love. This bot/virus of a chat is on just about ever app/site out there. Pathetic that spammers would be pretending to be a military many. Pretty low.

Needless to say, I’ve given up on finding anyone real to date out there, unless I want to date a fake woman, a fake man overseas, or someone in an open relationship, or even better yet, I received a woof from someone in an open relationship that is looking for me to be monogamous with them. Seriously!?!


Apps,  love them, hate them, open them daily, just when traveling.  If we use them, we all use them differently and for many different reasons.

Did these survey results resonate with you?

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