The Hottest Male Celebrity of 2018 According to Instinct Readers Is…

Instinct Magazine readers let their voices be known loud and proud as to who they thought was the Hottest Male Celebrity of 2018. And boy did you guys let us have it with the diverse and super sexy group of potential winners.


Several different men from all walks of the entertainment business got a least one vote when we cast our poll on our Facebook page earlier today. This included actors (Michael B. Jordan, Chris Pratt), singers (Nick Jonas, Ricky Martin) and a little bit of everything else (Paul Hollywood, Gus Kenworthy).

So who received the most votes out of all these A-list studs to earn the award (fake, obviously) for Hottest Male Celebrity of 2018?


Turns out… it was a tie! According to your votes, you all chose actors Taron Egerton and Henry Cavill the most. Yum!


These two aren't that much of a surprise, as their sex appeal is fairly obvious and universal as well. Henry has been making our hearts pound for several years, both in and out of his Superman costume, and relative newcomer Taron will be making a whole new generation of hearts melt in the Elton John biopic that will be released next year.

Other runners up in the hottie category include fellow actors Tom Hardy and Tom Holland as well as Shawn Mendes and Jason Momoa. Woof. 

Who gets your pick for 2018's hottest male celeb? Let us know!

5 thoughts on “The Hottest Male Celebrity of 2018 According to Instinct Readers Is…”

  1. No one! This is ridiculous.

    No one! This is ridiculous.

    I don't understand what a fuck are they doing in gay page.

    I hate straight men. They are bullshit.

    They are homophobes.

    These men shouldn't appear in a gay page.

    Straight men (Henry Cavill, Nick Jonas, Jason Mamoa….) GET OUT OF OUR LGBTTTIQ COMMUNITY!!


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