The Iconic Britney/Lindsay/Paris Photo Gets Recreated; With A Twist!

The legendary visual of pop chanteuse Britney Spears, actress Lindsay Lohan, and songstress/heiress Paris Hilton all riding shotgun during a late night car ride in 2006 helped define an era, complete with paparazzi snap bulbs flashing furiously. While many thought they were in the midst of a feud triangle of sorts at this time, seeing these three icons of their own individual industries joining forces together almost gave people that peace could truly be achieved anywhere. The picture made the cover of the New York Post, solidifying the pop culture importance of this paparazzi princess summit.

Recently, all of the questions we have been having for the past decade plus about the now notorious picture have been answered. Paris recently visited Andy Cohen’s Radio Andy show Andy Cohen Live and gave the definitive story on how Lindsay ended up in a car with her she and Spears, and gave us all the info on exactly where they ended up post car ride/photo shoot. Hint: the end of the story is as curious as the picture itself. She also provided some info as to where her relationship with La Lohan stands today;

In the truest of full circle moments, the now uber-successful business maven Paris Hilton just recreated the picture, close to fifteen full years later. Having RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 provocateur (and definitive Britney Spears impersonator) Derrick Barry portraying Britney in the recreation was a stroke of genius, while having a Queen Elizabeth impersonator in Lohan’s spot is curious, yet somehow spot on at the same time. Paris’ caption is simply “Oops..We Did It Again”

Snapped by one of Derrick’s real-life partners, Nick San Pedro, Paris appears behind the wheel of a very similar car, once again outside the Beverly Hills Hotel (the same locale where the original shot was snapped). Paris described it in late 2017 as “the First Coming of the Holy Trinity” late in 2017

Paris gave the original shot a bit of a remix of sorts, snapping a shot with photographer San Pedro, Barry and their other partner, model and performer Mackenzie Claude (also known as Nebraska Thunderfuck), perhaps passing the torch to a whole new sort of “Holy Trinity”, 2019 version?


What do you think?