The Importance of World Pride being in New York City This Year

LGBT Pride Month has always been something done on a major level in my hometown of New York City for decades.


This June marks the first time that NYC will play host to World Pride. The Big Apple also holds the honor of being the only domestic city in the United States to do so thus far. It’s an honor that I do not take lightly, given the illustrious history our community has in this city.

NYC has struggled for years to host the Summer Olympics. It’s something that taxpayers clearly do not want to happen, so in a way… World Pride will be our own version of it. It will be a time when LGBTQ people and our supporters from around the world will descend on our little island for days upon days of celebrating who we are as a culture. Emotions will run high for many involved.

World Pride coincides with the 50th anniversary of The Stonewall Riots, a pivotal movement that helped shape us as a society today. New York City has been at the epicenter of many of these moments. It’s the place where ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) was founded and formed, where the emergence of drag culture became synonymous with the city itself (watch Paris is Burning and The Queen for further reference) and so much more.

We also historically have had some of the most incredible gay bars to ever have a brick and mortar location. Many of these spots are still open to this day, with new spaces opening in our humble abode each year. These spaces hold a special place in our hearts for many, and my hopes are that a whole new group of people get to experience just how wonderful each of them will be when they visit.


The excitement for World Pride is already building. I’ve chatted it up with several of my friends who cannot wait to see what happens, who’s performing, the kinds of people they will meet, and more. Legendary singers who have taken the stage at NYC Pride in the past have included Kylie Minogue, Ariana Grande, RuPaul and more. Could you imagine the kind of talent that World Pride will bring?

I’ll also quietly brag about how great the food and hotels are here too, but that kind of goes without saying. If anything, it will only enhance just how wonderful the overall experience one will have during World Pride. Chow down, throw back a few and get some needed rest, because you’ll need all three.

It’s hard to put into words the amount of “pride” I have for NYC hosting World Pride. We’ve come a long way since the Stonewall Riots as a culture, and for that to somewhat lead up to this is monumental in many ways. All I want is for everyone to leave with a huge smile on their face and memories that they will take with them for the rest of their lives.

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