The Inspiring Queer Punk Act of Noahfinnce

Every once in a while you come across a new act that deserves the spotlight for a few minutes to get their footing on to becoming a household name. This time around for me it was Noahfinnce.  


He was playing a local show in Salt Lake City and liked his “power-punk” sound. I have said it countless times already that the LGBTQ community needs more punk and metal in their diet. So after covering Bob Mould (Punk Rock God) and Judas Priest, and even GayC/DC, all of whom are fun to listen to and have earned their stripes, I am always up to see who the new punk acts are trying to get a piece of the action near you… Noafinnce (Noah Finn Adams) is a British kid who is just that.  


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A Transgender Bisexual man (kid really, I mean, ok 24 years old) is giving it all to the younger punk crowd that my kids are now going to see play live. I took my daughter and saw myself among all the young punk kids packed into the Soundwell in Salt Lake City on April 9th, (where I covered Thelma Huston and Alaska Thunderfuck, yeah that club).  



His stage presence is loud, electric, and very animated, while giving a punk-pop performance to a crowd that I have to say was more colorful than when I was going to punk gigs at that age.  


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Noahfinnce was very open about his sexuality, and welcoming everyone to live their best lives, he even had a trans flag with his initials for sale at the merch table.


And he has some credit to his name. He’s even played Wembley Arena.

Give him a listen, and I hope that the younger queer kids see a role model in him and his message, there has never been a place for racism in the punk world, and the trans community now has a loud voice in the up and coming acts playing to kids in punk dives across the country. I hope some of us old school punks like his sound too, he has plenty to offer.  





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