The Internet Can’t Handle This Guy’s Sexual Ice Cream Making

Rob Huysinga / Image via Instagram @robhuysinga

Who knew making ice cream could get so sexual?

A video went viral earlier this week of a man getting hot and heavy while making a bowl of ice cream. It turns out, the man in the viral video is Rob Huysinga, who’s a co-founder of British ice cream chain Pan-n-Ice.

Pan-n-Ice makes stir-fried ice cream, or ice cream rolls, which originated in Southeast Asia under the name I-Tim-Pad. By 2015, the dessert trend spread to the Western Hemisphere and is now going viral for the hundredth time.

This time, the ice cream is just a feature star to the real focus. Rob Huysinga posts regularly on TikTok, an originally Asian based social media app that has started to branch into Western culture.

On the app, Rob shares several videos of himself making ice cream. But a few videos of Rob getting sexy and suggestive while making the sweet dessert got the internet’s attention.

Reactions to Rob Huysinga’s videos have been fairly mixed. Some of have been incredibly turned on by the videos while others have been deeply turned off.

It appears that all of the negative reactions have made Rob Huysinga lock his Instagram account to private. Though, his TikTok account is still public.

Despite this major pushback though, the free publicity will surely work well for his business. Huysinga may just have to take this hit to his confidence as a side effect.

But what do you think of the videos? Sexy or creepy?

What do you think?