The Internet Has Questions About The Cardboard Beds in Olympic Village

After the IOC (International Olympics Committee) unveiled the cardboard beds for the athletes for the Tokyo Games, myths have floated around the internet that the beds were “anti-sex” and would collapse from any sudden movement. These Olympic athletes debunk the myth. (Photo Credit: [Left]- Kyodo News, [Middle]- Richard L TikTok Account, [Right]- Erik Shoji TikTok Account)

A strange bit of fake news started making its way around social media last week.  It is unclear how exactly it started but a tweet from the Twitter account of Dr. Ad Hoc showing a screenshot of another tweet from July 14 along with text from Dr. Ad Hoc saying, “What if we kissed on the anti-sex Olympic beds?”


The screenshot tweet talked about the beds for the athletes of the Tokyo Olympic Games and how they were designed to be “anti-sex.”  The tweet went on to talk about how the bed was made out of recyclable cardboard made to only support the weight of one person and broke with any sudden movement.

Naturally, the denizens of Twitter had either questions or comments about this bed.  One poster did not know that sexual encounters happened frequently at the Olympic Games and others chimed in to assure that sex was very common among athletes.


Another poster was skeptical of the weight issue stating about the difference among the various athletes among their weight.


While others postulated the many other places Olympic athletes could have sex.


No one knows exactly where this piece of false information came from but one poster points out the original article about the beds from September 2019.


On an episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert from January 2020, the late-night host talks about this fallacy.

On Monday,  Jimmy Fallon even weighed in on the Olympic bed news and included the video from an Irish gymnast who dispelled the myth.


As the athletes are making their way to the Olympic Village in Tokyo this week, some are putting up TikTok videos about the beds. One athlete confirms about the bed frames being cardboard and shows that the cardboard is very sturdy.


Reply to @lifeofriley2 Beds in the Olympic village, YES they are made from cardboard 😋

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And yet there are others that have actually tested the beds by jumping on them.


I like them honestly #tokyo #olympics #bed

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Reply to @hesitantlocal beds are Taylor thief in the night approved #olympics #tokyo2020 #tokyo2021 @taylorsander3

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British divers Tom Daley and Matty Lee also test out the beds by jumping up and down on them in Daley’s YouTube video of a tour of the Olympic village.

Mexican Olympic archer Ana Paula Vázquez did a video showing her sleeping stats from sleeping on the cardboard bed, which gauged her as sleeping better than she has before.


No todo es lo que parece 🤷🏽‍♀️ #tokyoolympics #tokyo2020 #olympics #bed #fypシ

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One TikTok user was able to dispel the myth further by sharing what she had learned from her mom, who is at the Olympic Village in Tokyo


Busting the myths around the olympic cardboard beds. Let me know if there’s other info about tokyo 2020 you wanna know #toyko2020 #olympics

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  1. I bet those beds dont hold sumo wrestlers. Concentrate on why you came there in the first place, your job. You can go back to being a whore when you get back.


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