The Internet’s Loving A Video Of This Fan Owning The Foo Fighters’ “Monkeywrench”

Hello Yayo Sanchez!

If you’ve ever been to a concert, you might have had to deal with a fan performance. Many musical artists like Paramore, Beyoncé, Josh Groban and more will regularly have fans come up to the stage to sing a few notes. When the fan does well, you have an instant viral hit on your hands.

But what happens when someone rocks out on a guitar instead of singing on the mic? The same thing, but maybe just a little bit cooler.

A new viral video is going around of a fantastic moment at a Foo Fighters concert from last week. In it, the band has a fan, with an interesting look, come up to the stage to play their song “Monkeywrench” with them. The crowd applauded when front man Dave Grohl handed his guitar to the fan, but that was only the start.

Let’s just say, the band and the crowd were not ready for the awesomeness that is “Kiss Guy.”

After watching that viral video that now has over 11 Million views, 28 thousand comments, and 158 thousand shares on Facebook, as well as 2 Million views on Youtube, we were able to find out that the man behind the facepaint is named Yayo Sanchez.

Sanchez is having a little bit of a star moment now that the world’s discovering him. He’s having interviews with news sources like Billboard and Maxim and making funny videos with radio stations like KLBJ 93.7 B-DOE Rocks.

We’ve got to say, we like this guy and hope we see more of him.

What do you think?