The Internet’s Thirsting Over Wonho Again

Photos: Instagram @iwonhoyou

Looks like people are obsessing over Wonho again.

28-year-old Lee Ho-seok, better known as Wonho, is trending on social media and news sources. But why? Did he have a big sex scandal? Is someone trying to cancel him? Does he have an upcoming project? No. Turns out, people are simply thirsting after him. But, can you blame them?

But who is Wonho? The singer and performer was a former member of the Korean boyband Monsta X. In fact, he quickly became the face and sex symbol of the group. But in 2019, the rising star hit rocky waters. In October of 2019, Starship Entertainment, the company Monsta X was signed under, announced that Wonho would be leaving the group. Uncovered social media posts displayed a teenaged Wonho using marijuana, which is illegal and seen as immoral in South Korea. The situation even led to a narcotics investigation with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

Despite the investigation later concluding that all allegations being unfounded, Wonho still left the group and went solo. Since then, Wonho has released his own music under Highline Entertainment and produced MANY thirst traps online. The singer trended on TikTok last year with the release of his debut solo EP Love Synonym Pt. 1 and its adjoining music videos.

Then this past February, Wonho released a second EP called Love Synonym Pt. 2: Right for Us. That was followed up by a music video for the song “Ain’t About You” in collaboration with the singer Kiiara. With that music video, that released last week, getting Wonho’s name and image back in people’s heads, you can imagine why they are obsessing over him on social media.

And if you can’t, here are a few pictures from his Instagram account to convince you.

So what can we say, Wonho is trending online again. And, we understand why.

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