The January 6th Hearings “Clark Kent” Is The Internet’s New Crush

America continues to remain captivated by the January 6th hearings, which this past Thursday focused on former President Trump’s inability to take action as a mob descended on the Capitol. It was a man who didn’t say a word though, that truly stole the show during the latest hearing. Seated directly behind witnesses Matthew Pottinger and Sarah Matthews, a young man with a razor sharp jawline, serious look, and startling resemblance to Clark Kent had fans everywhere saying “who is that”?. The internet of course, immediately responded and the search was on for further information about our newest DC heartthrob. 


And now, that stunning specimen who had a front-row seat to history has been identified. According to TMZ, he is Alex Wollet, a twenty-three year old from Ohio. Wollet is apparently a med school student who is living currently in Washington D.C currently doing a fellowship at The National Institutes of Health, which means he is working directly with Dr. Fauci. His LinkedIn page has previously shared that Wollet is there for the Cancer Research Training Award. It also seems that Wollet has a great deal of heart. In May, The National Institutes of Health shared a personal note by the medical student on Twitter, where Alex said “As a grandson of a brain cancer patient, I have been able to experience the debilitating effects of the disease on both the patient and family. I am inspired by the resilience and strength of this patient population and the passion and unwavering dedication of providers in the field of Neuro-Oncology.”

When a swoon-worthy many hits our television screens, the internet, as expected, immediately was ablaze with inquiring minds wanting to know who the gentleman giving “Clark Kent realness” was. Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen immediately asked “Who on earth is this”? New York Magazine writer Yashar Ali seemed to know some behind the scenes tea on Wollet, who stated “The good looking man sitting behind Pottinger is not single”. He went on to respond to a friend saying in part, “he’s not gay either”.


Following the hearing Thursday night, Wollet’s social media was apparently locked down. His Instagram account has gone private and his LinkedIn page takes you to an error page. While we will have to wait until September when the hearings resume to see if Wollet will once again don his now-signature glasses, blue suit, and tan tie to make another cameo at the hearings, you can now soak up some of the shots that Daily Mail shared of Wollet in his all-American collegiate best. 



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  1. Ugh…. He got the looks and the brain! Curse him for being so damn beautiful and intelligent!!!


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