‘The Last of Us’ Shines Light on Gay Couple’s Tragic Love Story

HBO’s series adaptation of the well-loved video game franchise The Last of Us will shine light on the tragic love story of the gay couple Bill and Frank.

As per PinkNews, the synopsis of the live-action reads:

“[The Last of Us] tells the story of smuggler Joel (Pedro Pascal), who is tasked with escorting teenager Ellie (Bella Ramsey) across a post-apocalyptic America, which has been overcome by zombie-like infected humans.”


During their journey towards surviving a zombie apocalypse, Joel and Ellie meet Bill (Nick Offerman), who is described to be a “lone, hardened survivor living in a heavily fortified town.” The three of them form an alliance, and the highly anticipated third episode will focus on the story of the doomed lovers Bill and his late partner Frank (Murray Bartlett).

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In the video game, Frank gets infected and dies after hanging himself to spare his lover Bill from getting the virus. Meanwhile, Episode 3 of the series will explore the couple’s story over the course of 2 decades, and how their relationship, which blossoms from exchanging letters, eventually meets a tragic end.

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In an interview with Collider, Bartlett said that the script that he worked on for the episode was “one of the best hours of television I’ve ever read.” 

“It’s beautiful. It’s beautifully written,” ‘The White Lotus’ star further expressed. 

As for the critics’ opinion on the upcoming series adaptation, The Washington Post‘s Gene Park wrote:

“The show offers exactly what fans have loudly demanded: an adaptation that feels faithful to the source material in look, sound and vibes…

For those familiar with the game, ‘enchanting and romantic’ are two words you might not associate with this story. But HBO’s revision manages to tell a loving story in a loveless, lifeless world…

When I compare the two stories, and the artistic choices made to differentiate the show from the game, I have to admit: The HBO version sometimes steals the show.”


Meanwhile, Ben Travers of IndieWire wrote:

“The new drama is better than every video game adaptation that comes to mind (sorry ‘Resident Evil’), and it is a top-tier, often terrifying zombie adventure (sorry again ‘Resident Evil’)…

Pascal and Ramsey are outstanding, as are Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett in supporting roles. While screeners were largely unfinished — visual effects, sound mixing, and more were yet to be completed for a majority of the nine episodes — the pace, scope, and compositions are all impressive already.”


Travers then concluded:

“In case it’s not clear from the previous 1200 words, there is a lot to be said about and for ‘The Last of Us,’ most of which is best discussed after everyone has had a chance to watch. So let me just leave you with this, dear reader: If you’re up for the challenge, ‘The Last of Us’ is, too.

In time, it may not be the ‘best [insert qualifier here].’ It may just be the best.”

‘The Last of Us’ is scheduled to premiere on January 15 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Max in the US and on January 16 on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV in the UK. The first season consists of 9 episodes, which will be released weekly.

Moreover, Episode 3, which will focus on Bill and Frank’s tragic love story, is set to be released on January 29.

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