The Latest Episode of ‘Ted Lasso’ Is Gay, Gay, Gay And More Gay

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The latest two episodes of the Apple TV smash hit Ted Lasso just dropped and within the first two minutes we find out that one of the players of our beloved AFC Richmond footballers plays on the gay team.

Our queer teammate turns out to be none other than…Colin.


Colin, played by Billy Harris, is seen getting out of bed. As he gets dressed and downstairs where he kisses a very handsome man who offers Colin coffee. He declines because as his new man says, “Right, your body is a temple.” This doesn’t have a first-night interaction vibe so are calling Michael his lover. Later in the episode, we see Colin texting Michael asking him when he is back from his trip to Dubai. The two meet up again when pretty much the entire crew shows up to support Sam at the opening of his restaurant, Ola’s. Colin’s “pal” hits it off bro-style with the footballers.

It’s obvious that the two are not publicly out as a couple. We all know an out proud athlete is as rare as a unicorn. As previously reported by Attitude,


“the lack of prominent gay footballers at the top level of the game has been a topic for debate. In October 2021 Australian Josh Cavallo became the first active player to come out as gay. Subsequently, he was followed by Jake Daniels and Zander Murray coming out as gay in 2022. For years there has been speculation about gay footballers in the Premier League.”




There is SO much more to love in the episode as well, like most of the team fawning over new hire Zava. Rebecca visits a psychic who has some very surprising things to say. Shandi jumps right in working PR with Keeley and Ted gets a shock of his own when he calls his ex-wife and son. Plus Sassy is back!

Watch for epic gay-themed discussions like “which Julie Andrews character is your favorite,” and which male celebrities have off-the-charts charisma that transcends their sexuality like Paul Newman. 

But all does not end well as the new lovers have been spotted kissing in an alleyway by….Trent Crimm, you know, from The Independent!!! 


New episodes of Ted Lasso premiere every Wednesday on Apple TV+.



Source: Attitude

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