The Latest From Cub Sport, Betty Who, Bryan Ruby & Kentö

Bryan Ruby (promo photo via Facebook)

Check out this ‘something for everyone’ list of new music by out recording artists to add to your playlists this weekend.

Bryan Ruby, the only out player in professional baseball, is also an accomplished country music singer/songwriter who’s penned several songs for other artists like Hayden Joseph and Cassandra. He recently dropped his debut single, “Left Field,” 


“‘Left Field’ is all about the unexpected,” Ruby explains. “It’s about the things we can’t possibly plan for, big or small, that come into our lives and change us forever. Sometimes we think we have an idea of what we want and then life gets in the way with something totally unexpected. At the end of the day, those are the things that shape us the most.”

It’s waking up to snow on Christmas day / The last picked kid with the winning play
It’s that first real kiss in the dashboard light / Didn’t see it coming but it changed your life

All proceeds from the new track will go to Proud To Be In Baseball, an LGBTQ non-profit support group founded by Ruby. The country hottie is scheduled to perform at the New York Mets Pride Night tonight, June 17, followed by a concert at NYC’s Rockwood Hall on June 19.

Betty Who (image via Facebook)

“Blow Out My Candle” is a triumphant return to form for Betty Who. The track is a brash, bold pop anthem to perseverance, self confidence and love.

You can blow out my candle
But you you’ll never put out my fire

The video finds Betty throwing it back to the awesome ‘80s as she bends, bops and stretches in a Jamie Lee Curtis-inspired workout. Her vocals are pure pop goodness set atop a groovy guitar line and driving drum beats.


Look for Who on The Late, Late Show with James Corden on June 20 on CBS. Follow Betty Who on Instagram here.

Cub Sport’s ‘Always Got The Love’ (artwork: Jamie Heath)

Cub Sport, one of the most successful indie bands in Australia, serve up the shimmering new electro-pop single, “Always Got The Love.


With an effervescent hook, hypnotic baseline, and lead singer Tim Nelson’s effortless falsetto leading the way to dance floor euphoria, the track is aglow with feel-good vibes.

“I‘ve always felt like the songs that people can cry to are important but I think being able to celebrate and move is equally important and that’s kind of where I’m at right now,” says Nelson. “I wanna make music that makes people feel uplifted.”

The Brisbane-based band has already achieved over 200 million streams thanks to their special blend of pop classicism with experimental and electronic elements. The men of Cub Sport have also garnered praise from BBC Radio 1, Rolling Stone, Billboard, Vice, and countless others. Follow the band on Instagram here.


Australia” is the third single drawn from the upcoming album Strangers by synth-pop artist Kentö. The out singer/songwriter says the track is a very special song for him about moving forward.

The music video spans decades, from the 1970s to today, amid a chill, unhurried soundscape. Showcasing Kentö’s pure vocals, the song is a tender exploration with an eye on the horizon for what comes next.


A portion of all proceeds from Kentö’s music releases this year will go to the American Cancer Society as he celebrates 6 years cancer-free (Yay!!!). Instinct first featured Kentö with his June 2021 release, “Silhouette.”

If you’re in California later this month, be sure to stop in at San Fernando Valley Pride on June 25 where Kentö will be one of the headliners performing on the main stage. You can follow him on Instagram here.

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