The Long-Awaited Kiss: Buck’s Journey in ‘9-1-1’

Since its debut in 2018, the hit drama series 9-1-1 has consistently captivated audiences with its thrilling rescues and compelling character arcs. However, it was the recent surprise kiss that left viewers buzzing and Oliver Stark, who plays the charismatic Buck, shedding light on the momentous development.


Buck’s character arc has been a rollercoaster ride from the start. Initially introduced as a womanizer grappling with his own demons, Buck gradually evolved, especially through his relationship with Abby. Over the seasons, he’s navigated various romantic entanglements, but it’s his connection with fellow firefighter Eddie that truly resonates.

In the latest episode, Buck finds himself grappling with unexpected jealousy as Eddie begins a new relationship with Tommy. However, it’s a moment of realization for Buck when he understands that his feelings aren’t about losing Eddie but about something deeper concerning Tommy.

With the “9-1-1” fandom  rooting for Buck and his close friend Eddie (played by Ryan Guzman) to become a romantic couple long before, the revelation that the person involved in the kiss wasn’t Eddie but Eddie’s new acquaintance, Tommy Kinard (portrayed by Louis Ferrigno Jr.), caught us off guard.

Oliver Stark, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, delved into the long-awaited kiss and its significance. Stark revealed that while the revelation of the kiss came relatively recently in the production process, the groundwork for it had been subtly laid out over several seasons.


According to Stark, Buck’s journey has been marked by moments of introspection and self-discovery, often masked by his pursuit of fleeting relationships. Stark pointed out scenes from earlier seasons that hinted at Buck’s underlying struggles with self-acceptance and identity, providing breadcrumbs for the eventual storyline.

Interestingly, Stark confessed that he had already begun leaning into this aspect of Buck’s character before being approached with the storyline, emphasizing the organic progression of the narrative.

Regarding the pivotal kiss scene, Stark shared his insights into Buck’s emotional state, highlighting that it wasn’t a conscious desire but rather a culmination of pent-up emotions. The scene, according to Stark, was emotionally charged and cathartic, symbolizing a significant breakthrough for Buck.


As for what lies ahead for Buck, Stark teased a period of introspection and questioning as Buck grapples with the implications of his newfound realization. He hinted at Buck seeking support from his loved ones as he navigates this uncharted territory, showcasing the series’ signature theme of familial bonds and resilience.

In essence, the recent episode of 9-1-1 marked a pivotal moment in Buck’s journey, shedding light on his internal struggles and paving the way for a new chapter of self-discovery and acceptance. As viewers eagerly anticipate the unfolding developments, one thing remains certain: Buck’s journey is far from over, and his resilience will continue to inspire audiences worldwide.

In the meantime, here is the teaser for the actual date coming up 


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