‘The Lost Boys’ Break the Law and Explore a Forbidden Romance

‘The Lost Boys’ is a French romance-drama film centered on two young men who find themselves in a sensual love affair after ending up in a juvenile reform center for breaking the law.

(c) The Lost Boys / Menuetto Film

Khalil Ben Gharbia is playing the role of 17-year-old Joe who has 3 weeks before his freedom will hopefully be granted by a judge. However, unlike other fellow young delinquents, Joe doesn’t have visitors, as he is only left reminiscing him and his mother on a winter walk.


Meanwhile, Julien De Saint Jean is portraying the troubled character of William who is rumored to have stabbed a man. Soon after the arrival of William, Joe becomes curious of his new inmate, and his desire to regain his freedom dissipates despite spending six months in the facility waiting for it.

Gharbia and Jean’s strong on-screen chemistry radiates through their intense stares and subtle touches, which eventually lead to a steamy romance inside the juvenile reform center. ‘The Lost Boys’ is directed by Zeno Graton who also co-wrote the feature alongside Clara Bourreau and Maarten Loix.

(c) The Lost Boys / Menuetto Film

Moreover, the official synopsis of the film reads:


“Placed in a juvenile reform center, a place governed by the prohibition of physical contact, Joe and William fall in love. To love each other, they will have to break the law.”

‘The Lost Boys’ is screening at the 2023 London Film Festival, and it is also set to be released in UK cinemas on December 15. However, we are still manifesting for it to be released in the US as well…

In the meantime, you can watch the trailer here:

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