The Man Who Directed the Gayest Batman Film of All Says That He’s Had Sex With Between 10,000 and 20,000 Men

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Not that it’s any of our business, but: what’s your number?For this Hollywood power player, it’s between 10k and 20k.

Joel Schumacher

Joel Schumacher, the director of The Lost BoysPhone Booth, and Batman and Robin (the gayest superhero film of all time, the one with the bat nipples), recently sat down with Vulture for what is, I must say, one of the best celebrity interviews I’ve read in some time. 

There’s a lot of uncomfortable but well-handled stuff about Woody Allen, some frank talk where Schumacher addresses scathing reviews he’s accumulated over the decades– but the real meat of the thing is the sex talk. Schumacher estimates he’s had sex with between 10,000 and 20,000 men in his life. He tells the male interviewer that the number is not that unusual for a gay man, especially of his time.

“You’re just starving for sex all the time. Every drug, in my mind, was a pathway to sex. So was alcohol. There was an adventure going on, and sex would be the cherry on that sundae. Now, a lot of gay people are getting married, they’re adopting, or they’re having children. There wasn’t any of that when I was young. If you went into a gay bar and there were 200 men in there, and you said, “Okay, who wants to have a little house with a white picket fence, and a dog, and a child, raise your hands,” or “Who wants to get laid tonight?” The concept of a lovely suburban life or raising children was not a high concept.

Schumacher attributes a lot of this to “lost years” on Fire Island between 1965 and 1970. He also discusses shooting methedrine, the mother drug of meth.


This sex talk makes adds up in context of Schumacher’s movies, too. Batman Forever and Batman and Robin were pretty merciless about sexualizing hunky young Chris O’Donnell. Who else who’s roughly 30 now can attribute early sexual feelings to Chris O’Donnell in tight black rubber? I am absolutely certain I’m not alone here. 

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  1. His number is not 10k. It probably feels that way but it’s probably closer to a couple hundred. I do miss those days though. You could go out and connect intimately with anyone. It was fun, and it was sexually liberated culture. These days gays are fuckin prudes and have done a good job gentrifying into the wholesome Christian family norms we fought so hard to have the right to be different from without shame. Modern day lgbt suck


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