The Man With The Biggest Member Revealed It on UK Daytime TV

Daytime chat across the pond is always known to be a bit “cheeky” to say the least, but a recent visit to U.K. morning chatfest This Morning by Jonah Falcon caused hosts Josie Gibson and Phillip Schofield some audible-and visible shock; Falcon revealed a photo to them of his legendary 13.5 inch penis (eight inch in diameter) to both hosts live on-air. As the hosts displayed items like a packing tube or an eggplant to give viewers an idea of the length and width of his member, Falcon simply displayed a picture he had on his cell phone to hosts Gibson and Schofield (without showing the audience) to their complete shock (the video is attached below). 


Falcon was clear to let the hosts know that having a member of that size isn’t all that many would think it was cracked up to be. While it has helped Falcon bed several celebrities, he also mentioned  being stopped at airport security when it was spotted hanging down his leg. “Once I had it hanging, halfway to my leg and they asked me if I had a tumour, which I think would be someone’s first thought if they saw,” he said. Falcon went on to admit “I’ve learned if I’m going through security and things to ball it up a bit so it looks like a round mass. God help me if I get an erection if I do that. My testicles are proportionally large.”

As for Falcon’s own sexuality, Falcon has stated that he is bisexual. Rolling Stone reported that Falcon has openly claimed that his father is legendary porn star John Holmes, who himself died of AIDS in 1988. Also known for the length of his penis, (roughly the same size as Jonah’s). Falcon also alleges to possess “confidential” information regarding his parentage. His cousin Ben Lewin discussed Falcon’s sexuality with Rolling Stone, saying that Jonah is neither straight nor gay. (Falcon is openly bisexual). “Jonah will be with whoever loves him,” Lewin says. “Jonah will love whoever won’t hurt him.”

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  1. to be honest and i have them somewhere… we got together in the 90’s when he was fit and very handsome and when “done”,,, he said take a Polaroid you’ll want to remember this! and i did.

  2. Seems like a nice guy with his priorities right…but he’d be so much more handsome if he dressed better and maybe lost a tad bit of weight. He was very handsome in his 20s and it seems he’s sort of given up.


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