The Many Success Stories of Gay Men After They’ve Left the Adult Industry

With all the drama and chatter surrounding the gay porn world, in particular the controversy around the GayVN nominations this past month, it's good to see that there are men that can enjoy themselves in it and find a path after they leave.  

There seems to be this major stigma surrounding men (and women) in the adult industry, that when they enter… they can never seem to get out of it.  Meaning even if they are in it for a short period of time, it's all they are known for.  The general public feels like they can't ever get a REAL job post-porn, and that many of them falter with finding something meaningful to do after spending a decent amount of time naked in front of the cameras.

Whereas that is the case for some who have come and gone in the world of porn, there are others who have found immense success after they have left, and figured out the right time to leave and start fresh.  Manuel Torres and Vin Nolan are two great examples of that.

Both were around in what is considered by many to be the "last great era of gay porn," meaning when men were paid thousands of dollars per shoot, people actually paid for porn as this was pre-social media, streaming, etc, and men were actually considered to be not only stars… but legends.

Manuel (or Manny, as he likes to be referred to) is a fellow Long Islander who started in the industry roughly about 13 years ago.  His chiseled good looks and "top" abilities catapulted him to the top of the gay porn world and he eventually became an exclusive with Raging Stallion Studios, which allowed him to command thousands of dollars per shoot as a result.  

He eventually figured out that it was his time to go, and started fresh with a career in nursing which after years of hard work he finally graduated and is now a Family Nurse Practitoner, and has worked in some of the top hospitals in and out of the New York City area.  On top of that, he found love in a (somewhat hopeless) place, that place being The Big Apple where he just got engaged to the love of his life in Italy.  His partner runs a fantastic restaurant in TriBeca area, one of the trendiest in the city, called Pepolinos, and they have built quite the life with each as Manny has remained in tact mentally, physically and emotionally.

Vin Nolan is one of those guys that only did a handful of films, but is still remembered for being one of the best to come out in his era.  He falls in a similar category with guys like Colton Ford who only did fifteen movies, yet is still iconic to this day.  And just like Colton (who has found his passion in his music career), Vin has done the same thing except with a charitable twist of sorts.

Vin, who lives in Manhattan by way of Texas, runs a wig shop that helps women who are battling cancer and have lost their hair as a result.  He deals with some pretty high-end clientele (as does Manny's partners restaurant) all while maintaining a super positive attitude as the two of them look back on their life in porn as a fun experience but wouldn't go back now as they are very different people today compared to back then.

So just as in most professions, porn is another example of a career that you can get in, have your fun while doing so, and get out and still maintain a happy and healthy existence for yourself and others.  


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