The ‘Marry Me’ Duo Can’t Keep From Laughing Reading Thirst Trap Tweets

Marry Me stars Jennifer Lopez and Maluma spent Valentine’s Day promoting their just-released romantic comedy. The extremely attractive pair decided to have some fun reading thirst trap tweets written by their fans.


The Hustlers actress and the Borro Cassette singer crack each other up reading about the thirsty thoughts of their admirers. Starting off tame the Maid in Manhattan, 52, star is very appreciative of the first few she reads saying, “Thank you, that was very sweet,” and “That’s not so thirsty. I like thirst tweets, let’s read some more.”

“I really need to figure out Jennifer Lopez’s secret to eternal youth. She is so gorgeous.”

“I wanna drink out of whatever fountain of youth JLO did because she a different kind of fine.”



The hunky, tattooed Colombian singer, 28, is up next reading a thirst tweet from a male admirer, 

“Maluma is so handsome, I need to find myself a Maluma”

The Anaconda actress echoes all of our sentiments saying, “I feel like there are a lot of girls who feel that way…and maybe some guys too.” The Sin Contrato singer lets Lopez in on the secret that it actually was a guy who wrote said tweet.




After easing our two celebrities in a little the tweets start getting thirstier, 


“JLO in Hustlers is the prime example of Big Dick Energy.”

“It’s official I am just a hole for Maluma” – (my personal fave lol.)

“I want JLO to unhinge her jaw and swallow me whole like an anaconda from the movie Anaconda which she starred in.”

“Dear Maluma, please set up an appointment to blow my back out soon. This is an urgent matter. Thanks, Management.”


The two friends obviously have a good laugh reading how obsessed people are with them! For the full video, and to hear more thirst trap tweets click on the video below!


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