The Masked Singer Competition Series Unveils Another Celeb!

Tori Spelling Reveals Herself As The Unicorn!

The Masks Are Coming Off!

Have you been keeping up with this new show The Masked Singer? It’s been the water cooler conversation at my office and I’ve seen much buzz about it on social media. It’s garnered so much attention where it’s been renewed for a second season, so you definitely can’t say this has been a flop! Quickly: The Masked Singer is an American series based off a South Korean game show. It’s hosted by hottie Nick Cannon and features masked celebrities singing. Since their identities are concealed, it’s up to four judges including, shamed singer, Robin Thicke, funny-girl Playmate, Jenny McCarthey, The Hangover actor, Ken Jeong, and former Pussycat Dolls lead singer, Nicole Scherzinger, to guess who is underneath the mask after a series of clues and performances. The stars revealed so far I wasn’t impressed with, mainly athletes who aren’t in my realm of pop culture. Last week, an LGBTQ heavyweight ally, comedian Margaret Cho, was unmasked. This week, a television icon (and all-around hot mess in her personal life) was the latest celebrity to take off her disguise.


None other than our favorite ditzy blonde, Tori Spelling, was revealed to be masked as a unicorn! This is super bizarre, because I was just talking about how millennials need to binge watch the series which made Spelling a household name, Beverly Hills, 90210. Who doesn’t love Spelling and her ridiculous marriage drama and wild family secrets?! I’m a little bummed to see the starlet on a show like this, but she’s been making her way around the reality television circuit for years…so, perhaps it’s expected. From what I have observed, Spelling now makes her money posting Instagram advertisements and not much else. Calling Celebrity Big Brother producers: Please cast her on your next season! While Spelling may be a little kooky, it’s totally obvious how loveable and harmless she is and always has been.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Spelling had an emotional time from beginning to end during filming. She had rejected the offer to be one of the masked celebrities many times because one of her fears is performing in front of a live audience. With her children in mind, she decided to take the job to showcase one should never be fearful. Spelling shares her hopes of being in future Lifetime films and has absolutely confirmed she’s returning to television. Is it the heavily rumored Beverly Hills, 90210 second reboot?! YES! Spelling confirms it’s happening! She tells:

“We’re doing a new version of 90210 in the same format. That’s confirmed!”

How can you not love her?! She’s honestly incredibly genuine and really valued the experience she gained on the show. Just like her television counterpart on 90210, Donna Martin, she wants the best for everyone and to prove she’s got what it takes to compete against the big dogs – or in this case, unicorns!

There’s still seven more celebrities to be revealed on The Masked Singer, which airs on FOX at 9PM EST. Will you be tuning in to see if your favorite celebrity from the 90s appears?! In the meantime, don’t forget to check out Spelling’s awkward and then tearful reveal below:

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