The Men Of ‘Insecure’ Give Us A Reason To Look Forward To Sunday Night

Credit: HBO

One of the most critically-acclaimed comedy series to come out of the 2010 decade is Insecure, the Issa Rae-led HBO show that takes a hilarious and very intelligent take on life and love in Los Angeles. 


There are many aspects that have made this show a success over the past couple of years. The witty writing, brilliant acting and super funny and relatable moments have had die hard fans tune in each week to see what will happen to Issa, her polarizing friendship with Molly (Yvonne Orji), her love life and so much more.

Oh and one more thing: all of the men on the show are drop dead gorgeous to look at. Big props to Issa if she had a part in casting them but the man candy on the show is another reason to tune in and enjoy the program. One in particular who stands out is Jay Ellis, who plays Issa’s former boyfriend Lawrence. The 6’2 stud is so popular that he even has his own Beyonce-type fan base called The Lawrence Hive. 


There’s also the fact that you get to see this guy in next to nothing during his love making scenes where his incredible bubble butt is usually on display (see more of that here). Jay is far from the only guy on the show, however, that make millions of fans look forward to Sunday night.

Check out some of the other droolworthy guys who have appeared on this phenomenal show. 


Kendrick Sampson as Nathan, another one of Issa’s love interests.

Jean Elie as Ahmad Dee, Issa’s openly gay brother.


Alexander Hodge, as Molly’s boyfriend Andrew.

Y’Lan Noel as Issa’s on again/off again flame Daniel.


Langston Kerman as Molly’s former guy Jared.


Sarunas J. Jackson as Molly’s married beau Dro.



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