The Men Of TikTok’s ‘Probably This’ Invite Us To Their ‘Housewarming’

It’s not often that you meet someone and then within two months, spend the summer living on another continent, but that is exactly what Beau Ciolino & Matt Armato (better known together as the TikTok design & lifestyle sensation Probably This) did when they initially met. Fast forward almost a decade, they’ve amassed over half a million followers on TikTok, started their own design collection (the aptly titled Probably This Collection), and this week, released their own book, simply titled “Housewarming”. They’ve also branched out into unique and inventive cocktail and dining recipes, where they’ve crafted everything from a “Blossom Colada” cocktail or Turkey Andouille Gumbo. 


What many might describe as the pivot in their career actually came during a time that many others saw game-changing moments in their own career occur; during the pandemic. Beau & Matt would kick off their videos saying “Hey sweetie it’s your gay uncles” as they subsequently launched into horticulture advice or offered up cocktail recipes. This dose of domestic normalcy coupled with the feel-good and homey vibe that Beau & Matt offered was the antidote many needed during those early pandemic days.

Designers pull influence from a multitude of places, but for Armato & Ciolino, their inspiration comes from New Orleans, Lousiana, which they both call home and their career is almost an overarching love letter to. Ciolino told Nola that “We’ve always found a real advantage in being somewhere that inspires us and also has a really unique point of view”. He went on to say that “We’ve been really fortunate to have New Orleans and Louisiana as a whole give us a really unique lens through which to look at the world and to look at design and to look at architecture and food and entertaining and community, which are all really big pillars of what we do and explore in our brand day to day”. 


Their book “Housewarming” is the next natural step for the boys of Probably This. Ciolino is able to pull from his background in the kitchen baking and cooking, while Armato has significant experience in the service industry, along with their shared love of The Big Easy, all of which which is represented in “Housewarming”. Beau & Matt combine their talents effortlessly in the book, which flows through everything from choosing the perfect paint color, making the most of the space in your room, or crafting the perfect cocktail to treat yourself at the end of the day. 



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