The More Delivers The The Moody Melodies On The New Single “Brave & Bold”

Launched from a Colorado trailer park, The More came came to New York a penniless kid, finding initial success as a fashion model. Growing tired of the casting couch, he put all his energies into music production. Thus, The More was born. He has been playing clubs on a regular rotation for quite some time now, and chatted with me briefly about his latest single “Brave.& Bold”, that dropped this weekend. 

Photo Courtesy-Rick Day

The More is the type of artist that has used creativity to fuel a rebirth of sorts. “I taught myself music and how to produce at a time when I think I really just needed to get back in touch with myself, my imagination and an innate and intense desire to create.” he says. 


“And that’s really how it’s served me” he goes on to say. “I discover myself through it. I write and I see who I am in a way I can’t normally day to day. I’m able to make sense of the world. It brings me peace.”

“Brave & Bold” is one of his bravest releases yet, and The More is supremely proud of the growth heard in this record. “The sound, It’s lush, sensual and textural; kinda new new wave. With vague influences from Depeche Mode, The Smiths, & Pet Shop Boys, but also modern hip hop/electronic and alt artists like Sbtrkt, Sohn, Abra and Billie Eilish.”

The More is not the type of artist that like to follow the path laid by other artists, he is more interested in laying his own. “I’m always searching for fresh sounds and they’re so rare in pop, for a reason of course-but I don’t care about that. I like fresh, I want unique perspectives. Most pop lacks that. So I write for that.”


The single “Brave & Bold” is one of his most revealing and personal releases yet. “Brave & Bold is about addiction. It was written at a time when I was out control, losing myself in an endless procession of bodies and dope. I’m clean now, but it was a journey.”




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