The Most Popular LGBTQ+ Movie in Every State



Pride looked a little different this year, as parades and parties were canceled to protect the health of would-be attendees. However,  new way to celebrate and reflect on LGBTQ+ experiences at home, binge-watching LGBTQ+ movies has been quite popular.

Shane Co completed a fun study to see which movies have been making our Pride binge list.  Using Google Trends search reports, they were able to analyze the most searched LGBTQ+ movies in the United States and organized the data findings geographically to see how favorite LGBTQ+ movies differed nationwide.

What were the trends? Did your favorite movie make the list? Are there some you’ve heard of but never took the time to watch?


Quite a variety, yes?  Some films were popular nationwide, but 23 movies were most popular in only a single state. Here is a list of the movies that were the most popular in more than one state. 



Have you watched Beginners? It seems to be the most searched movie in 12 states and that is not a geographical phenomenon as both Maine and Hawaii were on that list.

This adorably funny yet warm film showcases the story of a man named Oliver as he reflects upon the life of his father Hal, who has begun to explore his gay identity as an older man. With its sweet father-son scenes and introspection on sexuality, Beginners is a great way to celebrate Father’s Day during Pride Month.

The Normal Heart topped the list on 5 states for the most searched, predominantly in the South (ranking No. 1 in Alabama, Kentucky, and Mississippi)

The Children’s Hour , a 1961 movie which was groundbreaking in its portrayal of same-sex love in movies compiled some respectable numbers as it was the top search in 3 states.


Did your state’s biggest search surprise you?  Do you have some new movies to Google, yourself?

Here’s the entire ranking. Pride is year round. Happy viewing.


Source: Shane Co

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