The Must-Have Product of 2021: Matador Meggings

Fun, Functional, Fierce, Fashionable, F*ckable

When it was time for me to get back to the gym, I knew I wanted to look like I belonged there. Gone are the days for most of us wearing shorts over ill-fitting undergarments or trying to look good in generic spandex alone. For me, going to the gym to feel good, get a good work out in, and feel confident while doing it all need to coincide.

Are Leggings for Me? For Men?

I was fortunate enough to find my way to Matador Meggings and have found that these were made for me, for men. Is the meggings name just a gimmick? As soon as I put them on, I knew they were not lady leggings. These are men’s leggings primarily designed for the male anatomy and the needs of the modern man. Hence, the name, meggings!

Man Junk

No, I’m not talking about your johnson, which I’ll cover in detail in a minute. Men have shit to carry and most of us don’t find it practical to carry a “murse” around. Matador Meggings feature an open pocket for your phone and a zipper pocket for your valuables so you have all your junk in the right place no matter if you’re at the gym or about to finish your 10th mile. No more fishing out your keys from a cardio machine cup holder or trying to remember where you left your phone. Now that man-junk is taken care of, let’s talk about that other man junk.

Confidence or Cocky?  You Choose

No matter if you’re a big boy down there or a grower and hot a show-er you can go ahead and embrace the spandex look. Regardless of its size or the shape of your junk, Matadors will give you that perfectly rounded superhero crotch. Thanks to the soft molded crotch cup, it’s my choice if I want to be a little demure about showing off the jewels and keep the VPL (visible penis line) presentation out of the gym and save it for the towel in the steam room. But don’t get alarmed right away, the modesty pad is totally removable so if you want to let the world know whatcha packin, then there’s the option to take it off and share the wealth! Soft cup or no soft cup, you do what you want to do. Advertising everything at the right place at the right time is a choice, and so is modesty.

Give a Guy a Hand. A Reach Around?

What do most men like to do when we work out, do cardio, sweat, or dance? Off comes the shirt. Well, since Matador Meggings is a gay-owned & operated business, they thought of that detail too! Each pair comes with a t-shirt/towel loop at the back so that you can secure your shirt when you go for a run or your towel when you’re switching stations at the gym or, let’s be honest – more often than not, when you’re at a party and want to show some flesh. 

The convenience of that t-shirt loop has saved me from feeling lopsided during many outdoor runs. Now that I have my hands free during my runs, I can’t help but notice drenched dudes running while holding on to their t-shirts for their dear life while trying to juggle their phone and headphones.

How Happy Am I?

To be honest, leggings at the gym was a stretch (pun intended) for me.  I know I have a good distance to go before getting to where I want to be physically.  But honestly, these meggings fit much better and are more comfortable than other athleisure I’ve ever had, they look better than other options I’ve tried to pull off. Most importantly, they help me with my confidence and they motivate me to work on my fitness.

What also gives me a boost is seeing others, who are not an Insta-model, wearing Matador Meggings and knowing that all body types can wear them for all the right reasons. Check out Bulls of Matador Meggings to see hundreds of diverse men rocking and flaunting their Matadors

Author’s Picks: My Favorite Matadors

By now you’re probably sold on the idea of wearing Matadors (let’s admit it, it wasn’t a hard sell for me either). But now, the most difficult part is to choose a pair from dozens of options. To help you out, I thought I’d make your life easier by listing some of my favorite picks. You can also use the code INSTINCT for 10% OFF your first purchase.

Gray Camo Meggings

What does camo do?  It helps you blend in.  For these Gray Camo meggings, I think I both stand out and blend in at the same time.  I find these to be a little slimming in appearance when I wear them, but people still take notice. I feel longer and sleek, a great mindset for yoga, and just an overall boosted confidence.



Black/Gray Meggings

I nicknamed these pair thicc. With the subtle gray accents wrapping round my lower thighs and inner shins, they help highlight my lower body, making it look beefier and all in a good way. Simple dark colors, but big effect and of course black goes with anything. And since they go with everything, this pair is usually my go to pair for the gym, lounging, or just walking around town.



Arrow Meggings

Look at me.  Yes, the Arrow pair of meggings does act like, well, an arrow getting me the attention I want that day.  Whether if I’m doing a slow hike up a trail, a quick run around the lake, people are going to see me and notice. Flirty would be another good name for these as they’ve been worn to some pride events, music festivals, and to stand out in the yoga studio to get you know whose attention. 



Navy/Blue Meggings

There’s nothing wrong with being bold. More of a solid take and almost as noticeable as the Arrow pair, the Navy/Blue pair give me a chance to be blue and bold. Simple as that. And there’s nothing wrong with wearing something that brings out the blue in my wardrobe and my eyes. The deep navy also gives my contours even more definition and shine. The bulge looks good in these while making the ass look just right.



Marble Meggings

Black is slimming, white is thicc-ening.  This pair helps me show off my ass-ets and more. With the way meggings grip my body normally, these white ones seem to take it up a notch and really announce that I am in the room.  White parties, beach days, any time in the hot sun, that’s where you’ll see me confidently wearing these with a loose top or hoodie or nothing at all.



Snake Meggings

I feel like I am on the prowl when I wear this pattern as the Snake makes me feel a little more sexy. My visible python line may make an appearance more often in these meggings as I like how EVERYTHING looks in these. I usually pair these with a white or blue-gray top and let the meggings do all the talking. 



Black/Red Meggings

Truly, when you wear meggings, people are going to look, but this Black/Red combination gets me a great deal of notice. Besides red being my color, what more bull-ish color is there?  Red is confidence and power and fire and I feel those when this pair slides on. Topless or a nice form fitting black tee is how I accessorize, and maybe a vpl. 



Gray/Gray Meggings

Gray on gray is comfort on comfort.  I feel my most relaxed in this pair as there’s nothing else going on besides the full lower body hug these meggings give. There’s no pattern, color, or accent – just the great fit that exists in all my pairs. Walking around town, watching a movie, yoga, toning, anything can be done in these and all will seem like a breeze.


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