The New Season of World of Dance is Here and Jennifer Lopez Gives Us a First Look

No doubt–we are living in a time where talent competitions are at their all-time best. Long gone are the days of Star Search and here to stay are high energy, rigorous competitions that are setting the most talented and committed artists aside from the rest. World of Dance on NBC is one such show that has set the world on fire with incredible choreography and skill that is unparalleled. The show not only displays the world’s best dancers in their finest moments, but follows their journeys as individuals, shedding light on their lives and the paths they’ve taken to get to this very moment. Judges Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, and Ne-Yo pick the best to move forward week after week and show that everyone has a voice to be heard when there’s dance.

Last year’s winners, The Lab, took home one million dollars and proved that they were a force to be reckoned with in the dance industry—regardless of their age.



Now, World of Dance is back for Season 3 and the stakes are higher than ever. The judges will be joined by new host Scott Evans when the season premieres on February 26th.



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This season World of Dance has raised the bar. Last year dancers had to receive a qualifying score of 80 from all the judges in order to make to the next round—but this season they have to 85 before moving forward. The show has set this new standard higher to show that the quality and caliber of dance they are looking for has been elevated and they really do have to be the best of the best.



Jennifer asserts that this season she and the other judges have seen things that they have never seen before. I had an opportunity to speak with Jennifer during the advanced screening of Season 3 of World of Dance and she shared some of her thoughts about this season of the popular show. Aside from being paralyzed from her flawless beauty, I was excited to learn about what this season has in store.


INSTINCT: What are you most excited about for this season?


I’m just excited for you guys to see what happens. For me it’s always excited to see people you think are going make it all the way through, but then someone just emerges from nowhere. It’s just an exciting journey—you never know where it’s going to go. It’s so spontaneous.

INSTINCT: How long does the filming process take?


It takes us about two and a half months. Producers do three sets of auditions before they get to us.

INSTINCT: How do you find individuals with such great stories?


First they just come and audition because they’re dancers and they go through two or three auditions. If they’re good enough they get further. Then they start learning about their stories. These people are the best in the world, but then we found out what their stories are and it’s crazy how many powerful stories these people have.

INSTINCT: Why is the scoring harder for the dancers this season?


We have to keep upping it. Last year a lot of the dancers wouldn’t have gotten through this year—and it was an amazing season last year. We have to keep showing the dance community and the dancers around the world that this is the ultimate in dance. You have to be a certain level—you’re not just going to get by.



INSTINCT: What do you love most about World of Dance?


It’s such a fun show. It’s a family show. It’s for everyone. The kids watch it, the adults watch it, the grandparents watch it. It’s such a good show—everybody loves it. The music is good. It’s just very entertaining—and emotional. Inspiring. The dancers are very passionate.

This season World of Dance will see another same-sex partnership with dancers Jonathan and Jorge. The duo hails from Orlando, FL and they are award-winning salsa dancers. Jorge left his home in Peru to dance with Jonathan and this season the pair will compete in the upper division in the hopes of being the World of Dance champions.





INSTINCT: How do you think audiences will receive the same-sex dancing partners?


Oh, Jorge and Jonathan! I think they’re going to love them! They found each other on the internet—Jonathan was looking for a dance partner and Jorge flew from another country and they just started dancing together and it just worked. It’s just one of those things—and you never know. I feel like America, this is where we’re at in society right now. We see all different kinds of people and all different kinds of cultures and two guys can dance together—and that’s okay. We had that last year as well with a contemporary couple that danced together.



Last season partners Charles Fournier and Wyatt Rocker from marInspired gave some inspiring and personal contemporary performances that lit up the World of Dance stage.



Check out the first look at Season 3 of World of Dance and tune in the to catch the special premiere on February 26th on NBC:





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