‘The Only Way Is Essex’ Star Pete Wicks Neuds Are Leaked!

A common trend amongst British male reality stars is the tendency to either have their neuds leaked or for them to leak these naughty photos themselves.  Either way, in our books, is fine.

Pete Wicks, who stars on the The Only Way Is Essex, had his own photos leaked online courtesy of !! omg blog !!, and they do not disappoint (NSFW link here). 

He is far from the first guy across the pond to showcase his goods on the internet.  Bromans star Brandon Myers has posted a ton of peen and booty related photos, and X-Factor star Casey Johnson's "Johnson" were leaked by "accident" online.

Not sure if The Queen would approve of any of this, but hopefully these cheeky Brits will keep these "accidentally leaks" coming and coming. 

2 thoughts on “‘The Only Way Is Essex’ Star Pete Wicks Neuds Are Leaked!”

  1. Looks like the “leak” pics

    Looks like the "leak" pics were taken some time ago. In the 1st pic, his tat's almost circle his nipples, and in the "leak" pics, they don't even reach his nipples. 

  2. That’s not him. Look at the

    That's not him. Look at the tattoos closely its obviously someone else. Next time at least try to confirm it before sending false information.


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