The Original “Wonder Woman”, Lynda Carter Reveals That YES-She Does Still Have The Famed Gold Bracelets

If you’re anything like so many other little boys, Wonder Woman is, and remains still, your superhero gold standard. Whether it was her amazing costumes, killer mode of transportation (who didn’t want that invisible plane?) or those trademark gold bracelets, little boys all over the world helped cement Lynda Carter as an LGBTQ icon for her portrayal of the famed Amazonian heroine. 

Photo Courtesy-ABC/Warner Bros & Instagram/littlefangphoto


Obviously, some of the most famed pieces of Carter’s Wonder Woman costume remain the most memorable. From the truth telling lasso to the tiara turned boomerang, Carter’s Wonder Woman knew how to make an accessory work like no one else. The most famed accessory that Wonder Woman is known for just might be her bullet deflecting gold bracelets, and if you have been wondering where they ended up after the show ended look no further; Lynda Carter herself is in possession of them. Carter recently revealed on Instagram that not only does she still have the bracelets, but she shared a picture of herself once again wearing the iconic accessories. ‘For many years, Wonder Woman fans have asked: Do you still have the bracelets?’ she wrote. “I think there’s a certain association between a superhero and her costume or accessories that makes the bracelets so appealing.” She went on to say “That said…the answer is yes. I do have the bracelets, and wearing them still makes me feel like a total bada**!”

While Lynda Carter may be the what many people consider the quintessential “heroine”, but she is not afraid of supporting the next generation of heroines. New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made headlines this week by pushing back on fellow Rep.Ted Yoho’s behavior towards her, and her forceful demand for accountability had women across the country cheering. Carter was one of those women, and she tweeted the freshman lawmaker “Okay, seeing this last night totally made my birthday that much sweeter. Love your decor, @AOC!” Carter tweeted to the lawmaker on Saturday, day the actress celebrated her own 69th birthday. AOC’s response paid homage to the famed heroine, simple saying “Thank you for being a shining example of a woman’s strength! Happy birthday ✨”


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