The Origins of Assault With A ‘Twisted’ Drink

The various memes popping up concerning Twisted Tea and Mitch McConnell (Photo Credit: Twitter accounts of David Dennis, Smiget, iam_SCOTTYMAC, and eliizaaa__)

By now, it’s safe to say that just about everyone has seen the countless memes about Mitch McConnell being hit with a can of Twisted Tea or Bernie Sanders holding a can of Twisted Tea.Β  These memes are among the many going around referencing the alcoholic beverage found at your local convivence store.



The origins of the meme stem from an incident at a Circle K store in Elyria, Ohio on December 24 during the early morning.Β  A video shared within hours of the incident by Twitter user @terencessb, who informs he did not shoot the video, shows a belligerent and possibly intoxicated white guy harassing a black guy who is waiting to buy, you guessed it, a can of Twisted Tea. The mouthy white guy is saying the n- slur repeatedly to the guy.Β  The black man goes to pick up the can of Twisted Tea which prompts the white man to verbally dare the black man to hit him with the can. The can at first falls to the floor of the store and the black man picks it up and hits the white guy in the face with it.

The video on Twitter has been viewed over 2.4 million times, and according to the website, Know Your Meme, the video was uploaded to YouTube an hour after the original video was uploaded to Twitter and received over 5 million views since its upload a week previously.Β That same day the video made its rounds on Reddit’s Public Freakout page with over 80,000 upvotes. Β 


Of course, as with any viral media on the internet, the deux ex machina of the video took on a life of its own.Β  Pictures of cans of Twisted Tea take on a new meaning on social media including memes concerning the United States Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell being hit with a Twisted Tea or the threat of hitting McConnell with a Twisted Tea.



I KEEP THAT MF THANG ON ME #fyp #twistedtea

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