The Pop/Alternative Singer is Ready to Make it Big

Who knew that singing in church would lead 30-year-old JB Somers to launch his own independent singing career and to grace the main page of Instinct Magazine? Here’s hoping this article on the pop/alternative crooner can give him the push he needs to sell out bigger venues in the future!



Listing Hozier, Sam Smith, and Joni Mitchell as inspiration, JB Somers found his groove in music within the last two years and hit the ground running. Since then, he’s self-released six songs including “There for You.” The first single off his upcoming EP slated to debut in June, “There for You” was originally a song about a support system during his lowest of lows, however, recently it completely took on a new meaning.

JB courageously and formally came out as gay on Saturday. His sentiments on the announcement can be found below.



From Alabama to Florida to Tennessee, JB Somers has lived a life worth writing about. I anxiously await the release of his debut EP next month.

Also, I would like to say that I give Mr. Somers a lot of credit for coming out as gay, especially while living in areas that may not be so accepting of his sexuality. And I give him even more credit for starting his career in music as a grassroots effort and not trying to jumpstart a quick return by popping up on a reality singing competition!

Source: Montgomery Adviser 

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