The Pop Icon Is Still Marching To The Beat Of Her Own Drum

Legend. Icon. Cougar? Well, it certainly wouldn’t be Cher’s first rodeo. The 76-year-old Oscar, Emmy and Grammy award winner is defending her choice to date a much younger man, 36-year-old music executive Alexander “AE” Edwards.

If there is anyone out there who best knows, it has to be Cher, right? After all, she has had a young lover in the past. Does anyone remember “Bagel Boy”? Cher’s handsome boyfriend who was 18 years her junior. Cher met a then 22-year-old Robert Camilletti on a night out celebrating her 40th birthday. Camilletti, a Queens, NY native was working at a bagel shop by day and pursuing acting by night. The relationship didn’t last due to intense media scrutiny and the paparazzi’s obsession with their romance, with Cher acknowledging that Hollywood and the media were “mean” to Rob. But she admitted that she did in-fact fall in love with Bagel Boy, even moving him into her mansion.

So it should be no surprise that Cher would know how to navigate this romance with Edwards. And she’s doing so by quite frankly, not giving a f*ck. “Love doesn’t know math, it sees [heart emojis],” — was Cher’s message about her current romance, in a since-deleted tweet that was picked up by The Shade Room. Fans of the Billboard Icon Award recipient were supportive, yet concerned. But Cher assured her followers that Alex is indeed her man and he treats her like a Queen. And that she’s in love, not blinded it!

Credit: Instagram/theshaderoom
Credit: Instagram/theshaderoom
Credit: Instagram/theshaderoom

Alex previously dated Amber Rose. The two were romantically linked for several years and share a 3-year-old son. They had a tumultuous relationship, with Amber claiming that Edwards cheated with at least 12 different people and she could no longer deal with the disrespect and embarrassment. 

“AE” and Amber Rose / Credit: Screenshot via

We know that Cher believes in life after love, but it’s also apparent that she believes in love of all ages. Especially if they’re younger. Young, hung and full of… let’s say fun.

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