The Proud Rebellion Has Begun; Adam Lambert’s New Single “Superpower” Is The Glittering Pop Anthem We Needed

Adam Lambert has definitely found his sweet spot as the lead singer for Queen, which was originally fronted by one of the men that paved the way for Lambert’s Glam Rock sensibilities, the indomitable Freddie Mercury. His own brand new music is something that Lambert had let us know was going to be arriving shortly, and arrive it definitely has. His brand new single “Superpower” is an anthem to kick your autumn music playlist into overdrive.

Lambert spoke with Capitalfm exclusively about the inspiration he found to write “Superpower”. “There’s a lot of crazy stuff going on in the world right now,” said Adam. “I feel like there’s a lot of groups of people that get discriminated against or get ostracised. “I kind of wanted to make a song to make people in that situation feel like they didn’t have to take it,” continued the 37-year-old American Idol alum.  Adam went on to describe ‘Superpower’ – a song in which he sings the lyrics ‘All of the witches and the demons better get out my way’ – as a “proud rebellion”.


The video for “Superpower” is a true feast for the eyes and ears. Lambert stands front and center (complete in eye popping fashion), throwing a late summer block party of sorts for friends complete with a magical opening of a fire hydrant. Throughout the video, Lambert’s soaring voice is only matched by his equally stunning fashion choices, amping up the glam factor of the video as a whole. The sure to be arriving remixes to this pop anthem have a perfect template in this original and infectious version of the song for a gloriously glittering remix package. 

Adam Lambert’s new single “Superpower” is available on all streaming platforms now. The Spotify link is here:


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2 thoughts on “The Proud Rebellion Has Begun; Adam Lambert’s New Single “Superpower” Is The Glittering Pop Anthem We Needed”

  1. This song is electric—can’t stop playing it and dancing . Love the powerful message too. Also —so special to me—when I was a young teacher in Brooklyn, I taught at a school right in the neighborhood where this video was filmed. Makes me feel even closer to my favorite artist–Adam Lambert!


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