The Quarantine Queens In Las Vegas Pay Homage To “The Golden Girls”

Chances are, if you’re quarantined together with friends, your daily lives have taken on at least some nuances of your favorite female heavy sitcoms (let’s be honest, this is literally the moment gay men have been training for their entire lives). While some may have inhabited the role of the “sassy sexy friend” or the “wise and wisecracking elder”, the Quarantine Queens in Las Vegas have taken it one step further and truly inhabited those characters, musical accompaniment and all! 

Not only have actor/writer Jamie Morris, Las Vegas drag performer Vita Summers, Cirque Du Soleil Zumanity hostess Christopher Kenney (aka Edie) and actor Robert Ryan utilized their individual talents to recreate the legendary Golden Girls opening credits to the letter, but they have gone one step further. 


The Golden Girls not only are planted firmly in the annals of LGBT culture, but begat a number of similarly formatted shows. Everything from Girlfriends to Noah’s Arc were spawned from the Golden Girls format of four friends that ultimately, became family. While Designing Women certainly shares similarities with the Golden Girls format, it is quite clear when taking a look back at the episodes now, that these Southern belles definitely stand on their own. After previously staging Re Designing Women on stage, The Quarantine Queens decided that this would be the perfect time to pay tribute to a show that, while quite possibly inspired by The Golden Girls, definitely carved out it’s own niche in pop culture (let’s be honest; Julia Sugarbaker’s endlessly pointed speeches definitely rival anything Dorothy Zbornak ever uttered). This time though, the ladies of Sugarbaker and Associates would be presented with a modern and relatable twist. 



From the Netflix binge phenomenon known as the Tiger King to sisters Julia and Suzanne Sugarbaker bickering over truly what is considered “essential” during a pandemic, this is the Designing Women reboot that we all have needed. 

And let’s be honest; who doesn’t want to watch Julia Sugarbaker rip a certain White House resident a new one just one more time?

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