The Queerest Video Game Characters, Gayest RPG Game, & What Do Gaymers Want In A Game?


I was never a big RPG individual. To me, RPGs (role playing games) are a little different than shoot-em up, driving, flying, Super Mario games.  They take a little more thought and planning and I guess when I am playing games, I'm more simple in my approach.  The game culture is massive all over the world.  Three years ago, the number was surprising.


More than 1.2 billion people are playing games worldwide, according to a state of the industry report by Spil Games.  Of those, about 700 million play online games. That amounts to 44 percent of the world’s online population, according to comScore data cited by Spil Games. –


Currently I'm more of a Facebook game playing kind of guy, but all games are interesting.  It all depends on your skill, how hard the game is, and what kind of reward one gets out of it.

Now there are gamers and there are gaymers. Is there a difference?  Do Gaymers want a little more than the normal player?  Staff Writer @ Unicorn Booty shares with us what LGBTers want out of thier RPG experiences in a post called "STUDY: What Gaymers Actually Want From Video Games."


The stereotypical image of a gamer is a bro who takes things too seriously and peppers his speech with homophobic slurs — taking time from his XBox gaming only to harass feminist game critic Anita Sarkeesian. But thankfully, Jason Rockwood’s first ever Gaymer demographic survey in 2006 revealed that actual gamers are a diverse bunch.

In 2009, Paul Novak took the premise of Rockwood’s survey and expanded it to include over 7000 participants, completing a questionnaire covering questions about content, gaming techniques and so forth. The survey was a success but Nowak didn’t publish his results in an academic journal (like Rockwood) because potentially publishers deemed it “not important enough.”

Gaymers Prefer Role Playing Games

Gaymers are Explorers/Achievers

Gaymers are Hardcore

Gaymers Want a Good Plot Above All

Gaymers Want Quality Homosexual Content in Their Games


Head over to Rivera's post for his elaboration on what Gaymers want.

So if you are a Gaymer and you are looking for "Quality Homosexual Content," what's the best game out there?  The Gayest RPG That You’ve Never Heard Of… was a recent post by Editor-In-Chief @ Unicorn Booty

Video game developer Geremy Walker is best known as Captain GerBear, an artist who specializes in muscular male pin-ups, but he recently released Bastard Bonds a violent role-playing game (RPG) that’s one of the gayest on the market.

Other recent long-play video games have integrated gay content into them — Dragon Age, Mass Effect 3 and Fable 3 for example — but they usually feature homosexuality in a series of short-lived sexual cut-scenes where you can hook-up with a lusty elf or space ranger. In Bastard Bonds, you spend the game surrounded by muscular, skimpily dressed adventurers who are flirtatious and sometimes naked, albeit in a highly pixelated and non-explicit style.

Although many of the game’s male characters flirt with you, the game doesn’t force sexual relationships; rather it just illustrates male characters the same way that RPGs have long illustrated female ones: there’s even a leatherclad werewolf and a lusty titan you can entice.

"Inhabitants of this island are no strangers to sex, and if you’re lucky (or unlucky), you might stumble into one of the game’s hidden sex scenes. While nothing explicit is shown or described in this game, the sound effects and the situations your character is placed in might be lewd enough for you to get your rocks off, and there’s something out there for everyone." –



I may have to go shopping.  Have you Gaymers played some pretty "gay' games?  What is your favorite?   Do you look for the things that Unicorn Booty highlighted?  If you like what they said about Gaymers and RPG, maybe you'll agree with their list of  All-Time 20 Greatest Queer Video Game Characters.

Oh, I just remembered.  I do play a gay RPG game once in a while.  Grindr counts, right?



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  1. Why not, perhaps, creating a

    Why not, perhaps, creating a video game where the hero is homosexual and on the process of saving the world he finds his soul mate and their love is shown in a natural and endearing way so that we can stop exoticising homosexuality?


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