‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Husbands Drops A Steamy Calendar

The men of The Real Housewives of New Jersey are known to be some of the most popular-and polarizing-on Bravo. As the show enters it’s 13th Season, the Garden State househusbands looks to be taking center stage, at least for a moment. The RHONJ husbands have released a 2023 calendar for charity, and while the calendar is not available for purchase just yet, the immediate fan reaction online indicates that that could change once Season 13 premieres. (Special shout-out to the Gaylenes, the Facebook group packed with handsome boys that is dedicated to all things Bravo for helping break this story)! 


The calendar showcases all of our favorite househusbands, in some familiar (and surprising) looks. Teresa Giudice’s fiancé Louie Ruelas is showcased giving his best “namaste”, while fan favorite Joe Gorga is shown cooking up some Fourth of July treats-shirtless of course. Resident “Zaddy” Evan Goldschneider smolders on-camera, while Frank Catania is surprisingly dressed as…The Easter Bunny? Dr. Bill Aydin and the always adorable Joe Benigno get their moment in the spotlight, giving their best leather daddy/the doctor is in looks respectively. The calendar was evidently sold at the Battle for Brooklyn: Real Housewives of New Jersey vs. Maimonides All Stars 3rd Annual Celebrity Softball Battle for Brooklyn. The charity baseball game (also filmed for Season 13) was held on January 29th with all event proceeds benefitting the award-winning Maimonides Cancer Center. (Check out each page exclusively at the video below). 

Along with our favorite Real Housewives of New Jersey househusbands, some new faces are featured in the calendar, which lend credence to the behind the scenes filming dish that has been seen on social media since filming kicked off a couple months ago. John Fuda (husband of Rachel Fuda) Paulie Cannell (boyfriend of Dolores Catania) and Nate Cabral (husband of Danielle Cabral ) are all showcased prominently in the calendar with their own month. 


For more information on Maimonides Cancer Center, check out their website 

You can order your copy of the Real Househusbands of New Jersey 2023 calendar here

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