The Shocking “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” Trailer Arrives

The moment fans of aspirational wealth, stunning locales, and high drama have been waiting for has arrived; the trailer for Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has arrived, and fans are already buzzing about shifting alliances in the group and new faces on the scene. Two new women join the ladies of Beverly Hills this season, and both of them look to be ready to mix it up. Diana Jenkins (as the release says, “married into an astonishing banking fortune” joins as a friend of Crystal Kung-Minkoff and based on the trailer is mixing it up with Sutton Stracke (who calls her a “soulless person” to which Diana, almost like a veteran Housewife replies “You need a new villain?-here I am”.). Sheree Zampino (ex-wife of Wil Smith) also joins the show, and much like her friend Garcelle Beauvais, has absolutely no problem sharing her “strong opinions on her new friends”.


The remaining Real Housewives returning from last year are each navigating their own new chapters in life. Kyle Richards is enjoying her daughter’s engagement, while Garcelle has penned her own memoir. Other cast members though, are dealing with much heavier personal crisis’. While Lisa Rinna navigates her own life without her beloved mother Lois, Dorit Kemsley is recovering from a shocking break-in at her home. Crystal is is taking steps to be more honest with the group after joining them last year, and Erika Jayne is picking up the pieces of her life and turning a fresh page this season. Sutton might be still navigating her own position with some of the ladies, but Kathy Hilton is rejoining the group this season and based on the trailer, is at the center of some of the drama. While she and sister Kyle have a history of being less than harmonious at times, reports on a shocking event in Aspen during a cast trip show that Kathy was involved in plenty of high drama on her own. 



The new season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” was already eagerly anticipated, but it was the information that leaked out several weeks ago that stunned longtime fans, and it involved Kathy Hilton and Erika Jayne. According to the No Filter With Zack Peter podcast, the incident occurred during a cast trip to Aspen. The cast (sans Kyle Richards who was filming “Halloween Ends”) stopped into a nightclub that Kathy already frequents in the tony locale and cameras were not up. Kathy approached the DJ & requested a Michael Jackson song be played (Jackson was a longtime Hilton friend). When the DJ declined and she and the DJ ended up exchanging heated words, Kathy allegedly called the DJ “a fa**ot” and was heard by one of the other Housewives (allegedly Erika Jayne).

Apparently, Hilton’s meltdown continued at home, which resulted in Hilton departing Aspen early courtesy of husband Rick Hilton’s private plane. Subsequently, the issue with the DJ and Hilton’s meltdown was allegedly brought up on camera after the trip, to which Kathy has totally denied, but allegedly missed several cast events, but did film with sister Kyle and Lisa Rinna prior to the season wrapping. Hilton’s manager released an extensive statement to Radar, where he categorically denied the rumors, saying in part “She loves all these girls, but she’s flabbergasted. Look, we all understand about making good TV, but she’s just in shock that somebody would take it to this level”.

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