The Shoulder Wriggle that Made Miles Teller TikTok’s Thirst Obsession

If you have yet to see ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ let me give you a warning: prepare to experience shortness of breath and extreme thirst.

And it isn’t really because of the action scenes (although those who have seen the movie swear that they were also breathtaking), the reason for all these symptoms is one guy: Miles Teller.

We’re talking about one particular scene in Top Gun Maverick, where Miles was on the beach, just goofing around around, shirtless. Then he does the shimmy.

It’s this one tiny, tiny gesture has sent internet into a meltdown.

It’s not like I was going to bring up this shoulder shimmy without showing you the video. But before I do, make sure you’re sitting down, because this shimmy shimmy of his is so potent, it sent girls, gays, and theys all over the world shimmying on the floor.


#milesteller just hits different #fyp #topgunmode

♬ Take My Breath Away (Love Theme from “Top Gun”) – Berlin


He seemed a lil too into that scene🙃 #topgunmaverick #rooster #roosterisdaddy

♬ Take My Breath Away (Love Theme from “Top Gun”) – Berlin


only reason we watched the movie

♬ Take My Breath Away (Love Theme from “Top Gun”) – Berlin

Needless to say, this sexy little shoulder wriggle made him TikTok’s thirst obsession of the month. It used to be Jonathan Bailey (which we were on board for). Then it was Joe Keery (Steve Harrington in Stranger Things.) And now, it’s Miles Teller.


rip #milesteller #josephquinn #topgun #strangerthings4 #eddiemunson #rooster

♬ original sound – caro – caro

Sorry to say, though, Miles does have a wife. But she’s incredibly cool and is also a hype queen herself, judging by the way she uploads thirst traps of him on TikTok, so we could all thirst together.

Not convinced by Miles’ shoulder shimmy? Here are some more photos and clips to help you decide if he’s worthy of your affection:


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♬ original sound – keleighteller


Shimmy shimmy wiggle #milesteller #tellertok #topgun #topgunmaverick @paramountpics

♬ original sound – keleighteller


current celeb crush: miles 🙂 #milesteller #milestelleredit #bradleybradshaw #roostertopgun #rooster #topgun #topgunmaverick #edit #fyp

♬ original sound – caro – caro

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