The Social Media Sensations Sat Down With Barrymore

Our favorite new talk show host {ok my favorite lol} and one of our favorite social media sensations joined forces this week in an all-out lovefest. The always hyper and energetic Drew Barrymore invited The Old Gays onto her show; after they sort of invited themselves on first. lol. Catch their excitement when they realize Drew follows them!


The cutest part of their lovefest is when they asked her if she has phoned home yet, in an obvious reference to “ET.” Barrymore starred in the film almost 40 years ago when she was 6 years old.  Ask anyone from my generation what they remember Drew Barrymore for and you would probably receive answers like, “The Wedding Singer,” “Never Been Kissed,” or “Charlie’s Angels.” {She is a few years older than me lol} But that’s why we love The Old Gays so much!


As they do on many of their Instagram and Tik Tok videos, The Old Gays are quizzed on slang terms today, think ratchet, and on fleek. Barrymore asks them a wide range of terms “the kids” are saying today.


From thinking “spilling the tea” is like “spilling the beans” and claiming to be always “thirsty,” The Old Gays know more than you think they would. They even had to explain to Barrymore what “beating your face” means.

The Old Gays even treated us to see their first meeting with Barrymore who loves them just as much as they love her.



Barrymore is ready to bring them back ASAP as she wrote in the comments section,

“I can’t believe I get to do this with you guys. And @thedrewbarrymoreshow …this has been a dream to finally meet you. May we play play play more more more. So much love to you and I can’t wait for the next time. Hurray !!!!!!!!!!”

Check out more of the segment below. The Drew Barrymore Show is in its second season. The show and Barrymore received three Daytime Emmy nominations earlier this year.


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