The Social Media Star Is Proud About The Film’s Graphic Sex Scenes

Who needs gay porn when Rotting in the Sun and Jordan Firstman exists? The queer comedian and social media star gets candid about all of the actual cock sucking that occurs in the film and the (possibly record breaking) amount of cocks that make a cameo. You’re going to need both hands for this one fellas… and then some.


Firstman initially gained notoriety for his impressions short skits on social media during the height of the corona virus pandemic in 2020, but now he’s making headlines for his role (and blowjob skills) in Sebastián Silva’s latest film. The film by far was the most graphic at this years Sundance film festival. Firstman says that he wanted to be intentional about including real sex scenes — not that movie magic kind of stuff. “I have cocks down, down down my throat,” Firstman says about his performance in the film.   

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“Everybody watches porn — It’s this thing where it can’t be in a movie or a TV show when we’re literally watching more porn than we are movies. The way we do it, symbolically, to me what it says about gay culture is that it’s meaningless. If there’s a cock there, I’m going to suck it. That’s how my life goes and how a lot of gay men’s lives go. It’s just there.”

“I have cocks down, down, down my throat,” Firstman describes of his performance in the film. “My cock is in somebody’s throat. The guy who plays the cock I sucked has a beautiful cock. I originally wanted the biggest cock we could find. I wanted to be sucking a 12-inch. We did casting… Sebastian sent me the first round of casting and I said, ‘Absolutely not!’”

-Jordan Firstman, Varitey



Personally, I’ve never read a more relatable quote. But Silva also shares the same sentiment in regards to having genuine sex scenes shot for the film. He confirmed in a press conference at the Variety Sundance Studio that there is a lot of graphic sex scenes, full frontal male nudity and real un-simulated sex. No props here folks, just actual throbbing cocks.

“The sex is so graphic that it’s a double-edged sword. People, especially Americans, are so scared of genitals. I’m scared a little bit that a lot of people will center on the cocks and [only] talking about cocks when it’s just a trait of one of the characters.”

-Sebastián Silva, Variety



Rotting in the Sun stars both Silva and Firstman as fictionalized characters of themselves. Firstman is a social media influencer hustling to get his first television series off the ground and Silva plays a suicidal director. The comedy sees Firstman go on a search for a missing Silva, who disappeared in Mexico City, taking viewers on a journey about sex, suicide and the struggles with being a creative.

Take a look at some clips of the two discussing Rotting in the Sun, where they say they believe they’ve broken a record for having the most penises in a film.


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