The Spy Has Arrived: Madonna “Madame X” Cover Art & Track Listing Revealed

The new era of the Material Girl has arrived.

The cover and track listing to Madonna’s newest album (and incarnation), spy/housekeeper/cabaret singer/saint/prostitute etc Madame X dropped this afternoon. Showing Madonna in her signature blonde locks covered with a bandanna on top of her head in a pensive state. Is this Madge showing us an adult contemporary/earth mother style? Or is she simply taking a break from the dance floor for a moment and will be giving us a package of dance tracks that is unparalleled since her epic Confessions On A Dance Floor album of 2005. Unclear thus far.

The track listing is a package of fifteen tracks, with assistance from Colombian superstar Maluma on “Medellin” (dropping tomorrow, April 17th) and Quavo on a track called “Future”. The tracks don’t give too many hints as to the style of the entire package, so we will simply have to wait until the official release date of June 14th, 2019 when Madame X is unleashed on the world.

(Images Courtesy-Interscope)

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