The Story Of Hollywood’s Most Famous Bisexual Hustler To Be A Full Feature Film

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Scotty And The Secret History Of Hollywood Is Getting A Film Version From Seth Rogen

Hollywood is actually a warm and nostalgic town, but is also constantly a cesspool of ridiculousness. If someone isn’t getting canceled, there’s rumors of risqué behavior, or allegations of sexual assault to fill the void, but we seem to put up with it because where else does our favorite entertainment come from? We’ve heard many stories where consent wasn’t given, but there is also the polar opposite side of the industry where people in the business actually engage in appropriate behavior to release their adult inhibitions. After all, the famous and infamous are just as needy as us “average Joes” when it comes to getting off.


Someone who knows how Old Hollywood really got down was Scotty Bowers, who more-or-less was an unpaid pimp during the era. Bowers wrote about his experiences in his tell-all novel, Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars. Bowers was a gas station attendant who was paid by Oscar winner and Screen Actors Guild President, Walter Pidgeon, for sex and eventually turned his gas station into a brothel, mainly for gay and bisexual encounters with Hollywood elite. In 2017, a documentary of Bowers wild history was released, but now, a year after his death, we’re getting treated to a film adaption of his many stories.

According to Deadline, Seth Rogen – yes, that Seth Rogen – and his writing partner Evan Goldberg are creating a scripted, feature film on Bowers’ life and his time being a bisexual hustler and Hollywood pimp. The film is alleged to focus on Bowers reshaping his life after serving in World War II and slowly becoming what he is most known for today. While the content of Bowers’ pimping could be really horrifying, the writing pair claim he’ll be almost a hero since he created a safe space for closeted Hollywood to… play together in private without risk of being outed. Bowers ran his bathhouses, seemingly, until the AIDS crisis in the ‘80s. Ryan Murphy kind of touched on Bowers’ story within his latest endeavor, Hollywood, but this is going to be a full on fictionalized version so we can expect some greatness.


It could give us a little bit of pause… Rogen writing a film targeted towards the gays? Especially when he’s most commonly known for toilet humor. However, his fan base is absolutely gigantic, so we can almost guarantee his fanatics who are straight-male-potheads are going to be watching this super gay film. Rogen has been under fire previously for his homophobic humor in earlier movies, but it’s nothing serious and let’s be honest: He’s given us so many homoerotic moments between Zac Efron and Dave Franco that it actually shouldn’t matter. And, if it makes any of us feel better, the director of the film will be openly-gay horror director, Luca Guadagnino, so it’s safe to say Bowers’ story is in good hands.

In the meantime, you can check out the trailer for the 2017 documentary on Bowers’ life below:

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