The Story of How Gay Olympic Diver, Greg Louganis, Met His Birth Father

A new People Entertainment Network video features the relationship between Greg Louganis and his biological father.


Greg Louganis was adopted when he was nine months old. After acting out in his early teenage years, his adoptive parents encouraged him to seek out his real parents.

After the 1984 Olympics, while on tour in Hawaii, a man introduced himself as his real father. Fouvale Lutu, had been following his sons journey and finally was able to introduce himself. He made it a point to show up to any of Louganis’s appearances in Hawaii.


Louganis said it didn’t fully click until 2015, when he did the DNA test, that Lutu was his father. At family reunion, they were finally able to really get that father-son connection.


Watch the Trailer Below:

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